Mwatate Constituency is an electoral constituency in Kenya. It is one of four constituencies in Taita-Taveta County. The constituency was established for the 1988 elections.

Members of Parliament

Elections MP [1] Party Notes
1988 Eliud Mwakio Mcharo KANU One-party system
1992 Eliud Mwakio Mcharo KANU
1997 Marsden Herman Madoka KANU
2002 Marsden Herman Madoka KANU
2007 Calist Andrew Mwatela ODM

10th Parliament of Kenya

2013 Andrew Mwadime ODM 11th Parliament of Kenya
2017 Andrew Mwadime ODM 12th Parliament of Kenya
2022 Peter Mbogho Shake Jubilee 13th Parliament of Kenya

Locations and wards

Location Population*
Chawia 6,513
Bura 10,931
Kidaya Ngerenyi 5,189
Kishamba 7.822
Mwachabo 12,006
Mwakitau 8,179
Mwatate 13,849
Rong'e 3,449
Rong'e Juu 3,671
Total x
1999 census.[2]
Ward Registered Voters Local Authority
Kighononyi 1,145 Voi municipality
Bura 4,725 Taita-Taveta County
Chawia / Kishamba 8,724 Taita-Taveta County
Mwachabo 5,017 Taita-Taveta County
Mwakitau 3,259 Taita-Taveta County
Mwatate 5,194 Taita-Taveta County
Rong'e 1,726 Taita-Taveta County
Rong'e Juu 1,840 Taita-Taveta County
Total 31,630
*September 2005.[3]