The following is a list of The Incredible Hulk episodes. The series began with two, two-hour made-for-TV movies on November 4 and 27, 1977. Regular one-hour episodes began on March 10, 1978 and ended on May 12, 1982. It was created by Kenneth Johnson, produced by CBS, and ran for 80 episodes.

The Incredible Hulk follows the story of David Banner (played by Bill Bixby), a physician/scientist who, traumatized by the loss of his wife, douses himself with dangerously high levels of gamma radiation. He metamorphosizes into a giant, green hulk (Lou Ferrigno) whenever he becomes angry. The series chronicles Banner's attempts to find a cure for himself, as he is pursued across the United States by investigative newspaper reporter Jack McGee (Jack Colvin). The series was loosely based on the Marvel comic book of the same name.

After the cancellation of the series, three television movies aired on NBC (1988, 1989 and 1990). On July 28, 2006, season one was officially released on DVD. Season two was released in the United States on July 17, 2007. Seasons three and four were released in June 2008 to coincide with the release of the 2008 Marvel Studios film The Incredible Hulk.

Series overview

SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast airedNetwork
Pilot moviesNovember 4, 1977 (1977-11-04)November 27, 1977 (1977-11-27)CBS
110March 10, 1978 (1978-03-10)May 31, 1978 (1978-05-31)
222September 22, 1978 (1978-09-22)May 25, 1979 (1979-05-25)
323September 21, 1979 (1979-09-21)April 11, 1980 (1980-04-11)
418November 7, 1980 (1980-11-07)May 22, 1981 (1981-05-22)
57October 2, 1981 (1981-10-02)May 12, 1982 (1982-05-12)
MoviesMay 22, 1988 (1988-05-22)February 18, 1990 (1990-02-18)NBC


Pilot movies (1977)

TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
The Incredible HulkKenneth JohnsonKenneth JohnsonNovember 4, 1977 (1977-11-04)

An accidental overdose of gamma radiation creates a mutation in David Banner's (Bill Bixby) DNA: whenever he becomes angry, he metamorphoses into an over seven-foot-tall, 330-pound, mindless muscular green creature (Lou Ferrigno). Tabloid newspaper reporter, Jack McGee (Jack Colvin) begins investigating claims of a giant creature: his investigation leads to the laboratory that Banner was using. An explosion in the lab kills Banner's associate and friend Dr. Elaina Marks (Susan Sullivan): McGee, who dubs the creature "the Hulk", believes it killed David too. Unable to explain the truth, nor control his transformations, David leaves to try to find a cure for himself.

Note: Originally a two-hour movie (aired on a Friday), is shown in two parts in syndication.
A Death in the Family
The Return of the Incredible Hulk
Alan J. LeviKenneth JohnsonNovember 27, 1977 (1977-11-27)

David continues on the run from Jack McGee and the authorities, with everyone believing that he was killed along with Elaina. Still trying to find a cure, David 'Benton' accidentally finds himself in the middle of a plot to kill a young, crippled girl named Julie Griffith (Laurie Prange) so her greedy stepmother and physician can inherit the fortune left behind by her late father. With help from a distant rescuer, he manages to save her life and provide her with help so that she can walk again.

Notes: Originally a two-hour movie (aired on a Sunday), is shown in two parts in syndication. Gerald McRaney makes his first of four guest appearances. William Daniels guest stars.

Season 1 (1978)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
11"Final Round"Kenneth GilbertKenneth JohnsonMarch 10, 1978 (1978-03-10)
David 'Benson' finds his way to Wilmington, Delaware, and into the friendship of Henry "Rocky" Welsh (Martin Kove), an aspiring boxer. David discovers that Henry, unknowingly, has been trafficking heroin for the boxing promoter. The promoter, in order to stay out of prison, arranges a deadly fight for Henry, whose high blood pressure will kill him.
22"The Beast Within"Kenneth GilbertKaren Harris & Jill ShermanMarch 17, 1978 (1978-03-17)
David 'Bradburn' begins working at a zoo where research is being conducted on animal aggression. David learns that a corrupt zoo official has been smuggling diamonds, within the animals, into the zoo. A young scientist named Claudia Baxter (Caroline McWilliams) is framed for the animal deaths and David is locked in a cage with an aggressive gorilla.
33"Of Guilt, Models and Murder"Larry StewartJames D. ParriottMarch 24, 1978 (1978-03-24)
After waking up from a transformation at the crime scene of a murdered model, David 'Blaine' tries to piece together the events of the previous night. David is hired as a valet and personal assistant to James Joslin (Jeremy Brett), the employer of model Shiela Cantrell (Loni Anderson), and he uses his new job to investigate the other models who may be linked to the murder, whilst worrying that the Hulk is becoming too out of control; Joslin accuses the Hulk of being the killer.
44"Terror in Times Square"Alan J. LeviWilliam SchwartzMarch 31, 1978 (1978-03-31)
David 'Blake' begins working in a New York amusement arcade and quickly develops a friendship with the owner and his daughter. When the owner refuses to pay any further protection fees, the crime boss decides to make an example of him. Robert Alda (M*A*S*H) guest stars.
55"747"Sigmund Neufeld Jr.Thomas E. Szollosi & Richard Christian MathesonApril 7, 1978 (1978-04-07)

David 'Brown' boards a Boeing 747 plane in San Francisco to travel to Chicago in pursuit of a cure for his metamorphosis. The airline captain and a flight attendant have planned the theft of a priceless Egyptian exhibit from the plane's cargo hold. After dealing with the scheming couple, David is forced to land the plane in Denver during one of his transformations into the Hulk.

Notes: Brandon Cruz, Bill Bixby's co-star on The Courtship of Eddie's Father (1969–73), guest stars. Some of the plane scenes were taken from the film Airport 1975. Jack Colvin does not appear.
66"The Hulk Breaks Las Vegas"Larry StewartJustin EdgertonApril 21, 1978 (1978-04-21)
When an investigative reporter is injured by the mafia for details about their illegal activities, casino worker David 'Benning' becomes his only chance at exposing them. David must deliver his evidence to Jack McGee who is still tracking the Hulk's movements across the country.
77"Never Give a Trucker an Even Break"Kenneth GilbertKenneth JohnsonApril 28, 1978 (1978-04-28)

In Nevada, a group of hijackers led by Ted (Frank Christi) and Mike (Grand L. Bush) steal a semi-truck from the father of a young woman named Joanie (Jennifer Darling) as she makes plans to steal it back. David 'Bradford' becomes mixed up in her plans, and is forced to transform into the Hulk to save both of their lives.

Note: Much of the footage from the chase scenes was taken from Steven Spielberg's TV movie Duel.[1] Jack McGee is not seen, but he is mentioned at the end of the episode as talking to people in the area who saw the Hulk.
88"Life and Death"James D. ParriotJeffrey HaydenMay 12, 1978 (1978-05-12)
While on his way to volunteer for a DNA experiment in "Marysville", Oregon, the pre-December 1853 name for Corvallis, David 'Bernard' meets a young pregnant woman who is also hitchhiking. Both share a ride to the same town where the young woman explains her plans to give up her newborn child for adoption. David learns the physician involved in the illegal adoption is the same one experimenting on him and that he, his nurse and assistants are selling the newborn babies on the black market. Guest stars: Julie Adams, Diane Civita, and Andrew Robinson.
99"Earthquakes Happen"Harvey LaidmanJim Tisdale & Migdia VarelaMay 19, 1978 (1978-05-19)

A nuclear power plant in California contains powerful gamma radiation equipment, and David poses as a physics scientist named Dr. Robert Patterson to gain access to it. While experimenting with the machine, an earthquake occurs and causes massive cave-ins in the facility. With the reactor about to explode, David leads a group of survivors through the facility, before transforming into the Hulk and turning the cooling system on to cool the reactors.

Note: Footage from the 1974 film Earthquake was used.
1010"The Waterfront Story"Reza BadiyiPaul M. Belous & Robert WolterstorffMay 31, 1978 (1978-05-31)
Now in Texas, David 'Barton' is working as a bartender for a widowed boss. It turns out that the widow's late husband was murdered, because someone wanted to take control of a dock worker's union. David manages to find the true murderer, but must still leave town to avoid being found by Jack McGee.

Season 2 (1978–79)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
"Bride of the Incredible Hulk"
Kenneth JohnsonKenneth JohnsonSeptember 22, 1978 (1978-09-22)

David 'Benton' travels to Honolulu, Hawaii to meet Dr. Carolyn Fields (Mariette Hartley), a psychologist whose technique might help cure the Hulk. However, Dr. Fields is in the terminal stages of an incurable disease. With the pair working in close proximity, love begins to bloom with tragic results.

Notes: First aired as a two-hour special, is shown in two parts in syndication. Titled as Bride of the Incredible Hulk on some video releases. Mariette Hartley won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her performance. Dr Banner gives his ACTUAL name on the marriage certificate as David Bruce Banner.
122"The Antowuk Horror"Sigmund Neufeld, Jr.Nicholas CoreaSeptember 29, 1978 (1978-09-29)

After encountering handyman David 'Barton's' alter ego the Hulk, the citizens of a struggling resort town Antowuk, Utah invent their own "monster in the woods" as a tourist attraction, drawing the attention of Jack McGee and a merciless big game hunter.

Guest stars: Lance LeGault (known for Colonel Roderick Decker on The A-Team) and Bill Lucking (also on The A-Team as Colonel Francis Lynch).
133"Ricky"Frank OrsattiJaron SummersOctober 6, 1978 (1978-10-06)

Race track utility worker David 'Beckman' befriends a mentally-challenged young man named "Ricky" (Mickey Jones) who is goaded into driving a defective car in a demolition derby in New Mexico.

Note: Gordon Jump (WKRP in Cincinnati) guest stars. Gerald McRaney (The NeverEnding Story (film)) makes his second appearance. Jack Colvin does not appear in this episode.
144"Rainbow's End"Kenneth GilbertKaren Harris & Jill ShermanOctober 13, 1978 (1978-10-13)

David 'Bishop' travels to San Remos Race Track, a horse racetrack in the southwestern United States. While working at San Remos Race Track, he meets a Native American man (Ned Romero) whose medicinal herb brew helped calm troubled race horse Rainbow's End in the hope it can help him, but somebody does not want the horse to race.

Note: This is one of 2 episodes to share an episode title with the later Kenneth Johnson-produced series Walker, Texas Ranger.
155"A Child in Need"James D. ParriottFrank DandrigeOctober 20, 1978 (1978-10-20)
Working as a groundskeeper at Lincoln Elementary School, David 'Baxter' takes matters into his own hands to help Mark (Dennis Dimster), a young boy who he suspects of being abused by his father (Sandy McPeak). Sally Kirkland and Rebecca York guest stars.
166"Another Path"Joseph PevneyNicholas CoreaOctober 27, 1978 (1978-10-27)

David 'Braemer' meets a blind Chinese philosopher from San Francisco called Li Sung who may be able to help him control the creature, but encounters problems with Steve Silva (Tom Lee Holland) a former student and friend of Li Sung who has perverted the old man's teachings.

Notes: This is the first time Banner refers to his alter ego as "the Hulk". Jack McGee does not appear in this episode but is mentioned. Mako makes his first guest appearance as Li Sung. Holland's character is erroneously named "Frank Silva" in the credits.
177"Alice in Disco Land"Sigmund Neufeld, Jr.Karen Harris & Jill ShermanNovember 3, 1978 (1978-11-03)

David 'Balon' gets a job at a Discothèque Club and meets a young dancer who is the daughter of a deceased colleague that is under the influence of alcohol, and David tries to help her put the bottle down for good.

Note: Donna Wilkes (Jaws 2) guest stars. Marc Alaimo (Gul Dukat on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) makes his first guest appearance.
188"Killer Instinct"Ray DantonStory by : Richard H. Landau and William M. Whitehead & Joel Don Humphreys
Teleplay by : William M. Whitehead & Joel Don Humphreys
November 10, 1978 (1978-11-10)

David 'Burnett' becomes an assistant to a football trainer with success in curbing aggression and must help a "Los Angeles Cougars" player (Denny Miller) with a violent past.

Note: Film of Dick Butkus of the Chicago Bears was used for the football scenes. Some scenes were filmed at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.
199"Stop the Presses"Jeffrey HaydenStory by : Susan Woollen
Teleplay by : Karen Harris & Jill Sherman and Susan Woollen
November 24, 1978 (1978-11-24)

While working as a dishwasher at an Italian restaurant in Chicago, David 'Bernard' discovers that his photograph has been taken by a crooked journalist who seeks to close down the restaurant through underhanded means, and that it is going to be printed in the National Register. When the Hulk shows up at the restaurant, this catches the attention of Jack McGee who is prepared to hunt the Hulk down.

Guest stars: Pat Morita (The Karate Kid trilogy), Mary Frann
2010"Escape from Los Santos"Chuck BowmanBruce Kalish & Philip John TaylorDecember 1, 1978 (1978-12-01)

David 'Brown' and a woman are wrongly accused of the murder of the woman's crime-fighting husband by a corrupt Sheriff in Arizona.

Guest stars: Shelly Fabares as Holly Cooper, W.K. Stratton as Deputy Munro, Lee de Broux as Mike Evans, Dana Elcar as Sheriff Harris
2111"Wildfire"Frank OrsattiBrian RehakJanuary 17, 1979 (1979-01-17)

The oil rig which David 'Blakeman' is working on is set ablaze by a saboteur.

Guest stars: John Anderson, Christine Belford and Billy "Green" Bush
2212"A Solitary Place"Jeffrey HaydenJim Tisdale & Migdia VarelaJanuary 24, 1979 (1979-01-24)
Hoping to avoid situations which leads to his transformation into the Hulk, David 'Bailey' isolates himself in a remote wilderness of Baja California, Mexico, and begins to live there temporarily. But his peaceful camping site is disturbed by the arrival of a female medical fugitive who was wrongly accused of malpractice by the father of a girl who died in her care.
2313"Like a Brother"Reza BadiyiRichard Christian Matheson & Thomas E. SzollosiJanuary 31, 1979 (1979-01-31)

While working at a car wash in a black neighborhood, David 'Butler' befriends the younger brother of co-worker who is being exploited by a drug lord with a black panther as a pet.

Guest stars: Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters) and Tony Burton (Rocky)
2414"Haunted"John McPhersonStory by : Karen Harris & Jill Sherman
Teleplay by : Andrew Schneider
February 7, 1979 (1979-02-07)
Mover David 'Barrett' helps a woman renovate her family's old house in New Hampshire, but strange events start to occur. Jack McGee does not appear in this episode.
2515"Mystery Man, Part 1"Frank OrsattiNicholas CoreaMarch 2, 1979 (1979-03-02)
Caught in a car accident on his way to Santa Fe, New Mexico which badly injures his face and causes amnesia, a bandaged David is befriended by Jack McGee who's unaware of "John Doe's" real identity. McGee hires a plane to take the pair to a specialist in Los Angeles.
2616"Mystery Man, Part 2"Frank OrsattiNicholas CoreaMarch 9, 1979 (1979-03-09)
With a slowly recovering David and McGee surviving a plane crash forty-eight miles from Eden, Arizona. They are forced to flee a forest fire and avoid a starving Mexican wolf pack. During their escape, David recovers his memory just in time to learn why McGee is so obsessed with capturing the Hulk.
2717"The Disciple"Reza BadiyiNicholas Corea & James G. HirschMarch 16, 1979 (1979-03-16)

In a follow-up to "Another Path", David 'Blaine' revisits Li Sung in San Francisco and must help his star pupil, a young police officer out for revenge after his father has been killed by a criminal.

Notes: Rick Springfield guest stars; Gerald McRaney (The NeverEnding Story) makes his third appearance. Mako makes his second and final guest appearance as Li Sung. Jack McGee does not appear in this episode. The episode was a failed backdoor pilot for Springfield.
2818"No Escape"Jeffrey HaydenBen MasselinkMarch 30, 1979 (1979-03-30)

After being arrested for vagrancy in Santa Maria, California, David 'Baron' encounters a mentally ill man (James Wainwright) who believes himself to be Ernest Hemingway. After accidentally freeing the man as the Hulk, David 'Baron' races to save him from hurting himself and others.

Note: Sherman Hemsley (The Jeffersons) guest stars. Jack Kirby, who co-created the Hulk character, has a cameo as a sketch artist.
2919"Kindred Spirits"Joseph PevneyKaren Harris & Jill ShermanApril 6, 1979 (1979-04-06)

David 'Barton' meets an old student working on an archaeological dig on a Navajo reservation in Arizona which has found evidence of a previous Hulk-like creature.

Guest stars: Kim Cattrall (Samantha Jones on Sex and the City), Whit Bissell and Don Shanks (Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers).
3020"The Confession"Barry CraneDeborah DavisMay 4, 1979 (1979-05-04)

Jack McGee is unwillingly saddled with an inexperienced junior reporter (Markie Post), who discovers and writes a story about a small, timid man (Barry Gordon) claiming to be the Hulk in Santa Clara. Meanwhile, David 'Benton' works nearby as a janitor.

Note: This is the final episode in which Ted Cassidy voices the Hulk due to his death from complications following open heart surgery.
3121"The Quiet Room"Reza BadiyiKaren Harris & Jill ShermanMay 11, 1979 (1979-05-11)

David 'Balland' is working as an orderly at Valley View Sanatorium, when he discovers that a doctor is performing unethical experiments on the patients. Then, David is put in a straitjacket and locked up to keep him quiet.

Note: This is the first episode with Charles Napier voicing the Hulk.
3222"Vendetta Road"John McPhersonStory by : Justin Edgerton
Teleplay by : Justin Edgerton and Michael McGreevey
May 25, 1979 (1979-05-25)
David 'Brennan' encounters a "Bonnie and Clyde"-style couple in Arkansas enacting an explosive vendetta against a gas company.

Season 3 (1979–80)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
331"Metamorphosis"Alan J. LeviStory by : Frank Dandridge
Teleplay by : Craig Buck
September 21, 1979 (1979-09-21)

The audience at a rock concert thinks that it is part of the act when the Hulk takes center stage to save a troubled rock star.

Guest stars: Mackenzie Phillips (One Day at a Time) as rock star Lisa Swan; Gary Graham, who would star on another of creator Kenneth Johnson's TV series, Alien Nation (1989)
342"Blind Rage"Jeffrey HaydenDan UllmanSeptember 28, 1979 (1979-09-28)

An accident at a chemical warfare research station sends dry cleaner counterman David 'Blair' on a desperate search for an antidote that will save his friend's life.

Guest star: Lee Bryant
353"Brain Child"Reza BadiyiNicholas CoreaOctober 5, 1979 (1979-10-05)

Fieldworker David 'Barnes' tries to reunite a gifted teenager who has run away from school with the mother who abandoned her.

Note: This is one of the 2 episodes to share an episode title with the later Kenneth Johnson-produced series Walker, Texas Ranger.

Guest stars: June Allyson and Robin Dearden
364"The Slam"Nicholas CoreaNicholas CoreaOctober 19, 1979 (1979-10-19)

When he is arrested for vagrancy, David 'Brendan' is sent to a work camp in Jensen County where he becomes Prisoner #1124. While in the work camp, David witnesses corruption in the prison system by the prison warden and can't work on exposing him with Jack McGee nearby.

Note: Charles Napier makes his first guest appearance. Marc Alaimo (Gul Dukat on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) makes his second guest appearance.
375"My Favorite Magician"Reza BadiyiSam EganOctober 26, 1979 (1979-10-26)

An aging magician who drafts David 'Barker' as his assistant for a benefit performance has some tricks up his sleeve that could prove to be deadly.

Note: Anne Schedeen (ALF) and Bill Bixby's co-star on My Favorite Martian (1963–66), Ray Walston, guest stars. The title combines two titles of series starring Bixby: My Favorite Martian and The Magician.
386"Jake"Frank OrsattiChuck BowmanNovember 2, 1979 (1979-11-02)

While working with a rodeo in Gaston, Texas as a medic, David 'Benton' learns that the show's biggest star Jake White (L. Q. Jones) is performing with an illness that could cost him his life.

Guest stars: L. Q. Jones would later on in Season 3 direct the episode "On the Line"; James Crittenden, Fred Ward, Jesse Vint, and Sandra Kerns
397"Behind the Wheel"Frank OrsattiStory by : Rick Rosenthal
Teleplay by : Rick Rosenthal and Todd Susman & Andrew Schneider
November 9, 1979 (1979-11-09)

The owner of a taxicab company, in danger of being taken over by drug smugglers, turns to taxicab driver David 'Barret' for help.

Guest star: Esther Rolle (Good Times)
408"Homecoming"John McPhersonAndrew SchneiderNovember 30, 1979 (1979-11-30)

At Thanksgiving, David reluctantly returns to his childhood home in Trevorton, Colorado, when he learns that his father, D.W. Banner (John Marley), may lose his land. Once there, David must fight a crop-destroying plague and resolve a bitter emotional issue. Diana Muldaur also appears in this episode as David's sister Helen.

Note: Fred Rogers of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood visited the set of this episode to show his viewers how the series was made and the transformations that Lou Ferrigno goes through to portray the Hulk.
419"The Snare"Frank OrsattiRichard Christian Matheson & Thomas E. SzollosiDecember 7, 1979 (1979-12-07)

After accepting a ride on a private plane, David 'Bennet' finds himself stranded on an island that is uninhabited with the exception of a psychotic, Michael Sutton (Bradford Dillman), who is a hunter of men, who greets his discovery of David's Hulk condition as a sign of an even more appealing challenge.

Note: This episode is one of many adaptations of Richard Connell's classic short story, The Most Dangerous Game.
4210"Babalao"Richard MiltonCraig BuckDecember 14, 1979 (1979-12-14)
Clinic nurse David 'Beckman' helps a young New Orleans doctor (Louise Sorel) battle a con artist posing as a voodoo healer, who has a strong hold on a superstitious community.
4311"Captive Night"Frank OrsattiSam EganDecember 21, 1979 (1979-12-21)

During a robbery at Slater's Department Store in Philadelphia where he is working, stock room employee David 'Bishop' is forced to join the thieves as a way of protecting his colleagues.

Guest stars: Anne Lockhart (Lieutenant Sheba on Battlestar Galactica), Stanley Kamel and Parley Baer.
4412"Broken Image"John McPhersonKaren Harris & Jill ShermanJanuary 4, 1980 (1980-01-04)

Apartment caretaker David 'Bowman' is a dead-ringer for a wanted criminal named Mike Cassidy and becomes the prey of a vengeful gang and the police. His attempt to leave town is hindered by Jack McGee who is shocked to discover that David Banner is still alive.

Note: Bill Bixby also plays the role of Mike Cassidy in a dual role.
4513"Proof Positive"Dick HarwoodKaren Harris & Jill ShermanJanuary 11, 1980 (1980-01-11)

Jack McGee's new publisher at the National Register, named Patricia Steinhauer (Caroline Smith), forbids him to continue his search for the Hulk, so the ace reporter decides to take matters into his own hands and travels to Gary, Indiana.

Note: David is portrayed by a stunt double and Bill Bixby only appears in footage from previous episodes. Bixby was unavailable for the episode due to scheduling conflicts with court dates relating to his divorce.
4614"Sideshow"Nicholas CoreaLen JenkinJanuary 25, 1980 (1980-01-25)
David 'Burns' gets hired as a stage manager for a carnival act and learns that the carnival's mind-reader (Judith Chapman) has been blamed for a series of misfortunes. Also guest stars Robert Donner.
4715"Long Run Home"Frank OrsattiAllan Cole & Chris BunchFebruary 1, 1980 (1980-02-01)

A motorcyclist Carl Rivers (Paul Koslo) decides to give David 'Beller' a lift, but the ride takes him straight into the heart of a risky biker gang conflict.

Guest stars: This is Paul Koslo's first of two guest appearance and Mickey Jones' second of third guest appearances on this TV series. Robert Tessier makes a guest appearance in this episode.
4816"Falling Angels"Barry CraneStory by : Eric Kaldor & D.K. Krzemien
Teleplay by : Eric Kaldor & D.K. Krzemien and James Sanford Parker
February 8, 1980 (1980-02-08)

While working in a seemingly innocent orphanage in Florida, handyman David 'Bannister' discovers that some of the young inhabitants are involved in a reckless crime ring.

Guest stars: Annette Charles, Deborah Morgan-Weldon and Cindy Fisher
4917"The Lottery"John McPhersonStory by : Dan Ullman
Teleplay by : Allan Cole & Chris Bunch
February 15, 1980 (1980-02-15)

Newsdealer David 'Becker' wins $250,000 through a lottery ticket while working in San Antonio, Texas, but he must find a way to collect his winnings without his secret coming to light. What he doesn't know is that the friend he made to go in his place is a former con artist who takes advantage of the lottery winnings to earn a huge profit.

Guest star: Robert Hogan
5018"The Psychic"Barry CraneStory by : Karen Harris & Jill Sherman and George Arthur Bloom
Teleplay by : Karen Harris & Jill Sherman
February 22, 1980 (1980-02-22)

A young psychic (Brenda Benet) in San Francisco has the ability to see the Hulk in grocery store worker David, but she puts him in a tough spot when she also predicts Jack McGee's death at the hands of a killer who killed a teenager.

Notes: Brenda Benet was Bill Bixby's wife at the time. In this episode, David never gives his alias last name.
5119"A Rock and a Hard Place"Chuck BowmanAndrew SchneiderFebruary 29, 1980 (1980-02-29)

Caught between the FBI and a lethal gang in Atlantic City, handyman David 'Braynard' must play the part of both criminal and informant in order to survive.

Guest stars: John McIntire, Jeanette Nolan, and Eric Server
5220"Deathmask"John McPhersonNicholas CoreaMarch 14, 1980 (1980-03-14)

Accused of being a serial killer in the college town of Prestonville, library assistant David 'Brent' is threatened by an enraged lynch mob, a disturbed police chief, and an ambitious mayor.

Guest stars: Marla Pennington (Small Wonder) and Gerald McRaney, who makes his fourth and final appearance.
5321"Equinox"Patrick BoyrivanAndrew SchneiderMarch 21, 1980 (1980-03-21)
Librarian David 'Beldon' is trapped at a spoiled heiress Vernal Equinox masquerade ball on a private island with the ultimate costume....the Hulk. His appearance gives McGee the perfect opportunity to use his tranquilizer gun.
5422"Nine Hours"Nicholas CoreaNicholas CoreaApril 4, 1980 (1980-04-04)

In a race against time, orderly David 'Breck' must outwit a group of hit men in order to save the lives of a young boy and a reformed gangster.

Note: Marc Alaimo (Gul Dukat on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) makes his third and final guest appearance. Dennis Haysbert has a small role credited as "Guard".
5523"On the Line"L. Q. JonesKaren Harris & Jill ShermanApril 11, 1980 (1980-04-11)

Sparks ignite when David 'Brown' comes under suspicion for starting a deadly forest fire and is dragged into being a volunteer firefighter in order to stop the forest fire. It is up to the Hulk to save his alter ego when he's trapped in the blaze.

Guest star: Kathleen Lloyd

Season 4 (1980–81)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
561"Prometheus, Part 1"Kenneth JohnsonKenneth JohnsonNovember 7, 1980 (1980-11-07)

After being exposed to a radioactive meteorite, David finds himself trapped halfway into his metamorphosis to the Hulk while trying to help a young blind woman (Laurie Prange) in Utah.

Note: Bodybuilder and professional wrestler Ric Drasin plays the half-transformed Hulk (uncredited).[2]
572"Prometheus, Part 2"Kenneth JohnsonKenneth JohnsonNovember 14, 1980 (1980-11-14)
Still trapped in mid-transformation, David is an unwitting subject for study by government scientists at a secret research facility in Colorado. The scientists think the Hulk is an alien, but McGee tries to convince them he is actually a mutated human.
583"Free Fall"Reza BadiyiChris Bunch & Allan ColeNovember 21, 1980 (1980-11-21)
Working for a traveling skydiving show, David 'Blake' finds himself caught up in a conflict between the owner and a corrupt politician which sees him falling 12,000 feet (3,700 m)... without a parachute.
594"Dark Side"John McPhersonNicholas CoreaDecember 5, 1980 (1980-12-05)
David 'Bernard's' self-experiments backfire and send him into a primitive state, creating danger for the family with whom he is boarding.
605"Deep Shock"Reza BadiyiRuel FischmanDecember 12, 1980 (1980-12-12)
During an accident at a power plant that he works at, David 'Benton' is subjected to electrical trauma that allows him to foresee events in the immediate future. In addition at the time when some employees are getting layoffs, David befriends a co-worker with a heart condition.
616"Bring Me the Head of the Hulk"Bill BixbyAllan Cole & Chris BunchJanuary 9, 1981 (1981-01-09)

David 'Bedford' falls for an elaborate trap set to kill the Hulk orchestrated by a mercenary Le Font who is working for the publisher of the National Register's competition named Neil Hines. David receives help from an unlikely ally.

Note: This is Sandy McPeak's second guest appearance in the series.
627"Fast Lane"Frank OrsattiReuben LederJanuary 16, 1981 (1981-01-16)
David 'Brendan' drives a car from Los Angeles to New York, not realizing that it contains hidden mob money that two sets of desperate criminals will do anything to get.
638"Goodbye, Eddie Cain"Jack ColvinNicholas CoreaJanuary 23, 1981 (1981-01-23)
A private detective in Los Angeles named Eddie Cain (Cameron Mitchell) pegs David 'Benedict' as the prime suspect in a blackmailing case. Once his innocence is proven, the two join forces to find the real culprit.
649"King of the Beach"Barry CraneKaren HarrisFebruary 6, 1981 (1981-02-06)

A struggling restaurant worker and bodybuilder named Carl Molino (played by Lou Ferrigno) enters a "King of the Beach" contest and befriends fellow worker David 'Bennet'. Carl doesn't realize who his unscrupulous competitors will be.

Note: Ferrigno plays a dual role in this episode.
6510"Wax Museum"Dick HarwoodCarol BaxterFebruary 13, 1981 (1981-02-13)

The Hulk feels right at home with the bizarre exhibits in a wax museum when David 'Beckwith' takes a job there, but a shifty relative (Max Showalter) of the owner could make the situation sticky.

Note: This is Christine Belford's second appearance in the series.
6611"East Winds"Jack ColvinJill ShermanFebruary 20, 1981 (1981-02-20)
While living in the Chinatown part of San Francisco, a baffled David 'Barrett' finds himself the unwilling recipient of a mail-order bride seeking something hidden in his apartment, dragging him and his landlady into a standoff between the Chinese Mafia and a gruff beat cop.
6712"The First, Part 1"Frank OrsattiAndrew SchneiderMarch 6, 1981 (1981-03-06)

After hearing a legend about another Hulk, David 'Barr' searches in the town of Vissaria for Dr. Jeffrey Clive, the scientist who could have discovered an antidote for his condition. Instead, he meets the widow Elizabeth Collins (Lola Albright) fiance of Dr. Clive, he also meets Dell Frye (Harry Townes), a bitter old man who had once been a Hulk and wants the power back.

Guest stars: Billy Green Bush as Sheriff Carl Decker

Lola Albright as Elizabeth Collins
6813"The First, Part 2"Frank OrsattiAndrew SchneiderMarch 13, 1981 (1981-03-13)

With David's unwitting aid, Frye uses the lab equipment to regain his Hulk power; but his bitter and aggressive personality makes his creature (Dick Durock) extremely dangerous, then Elizabeth Collins (Lola Albright) worries about the situation of her employee Dell Frye and David can only hope there's enough of Dr. Clive's cure left for both of them. McGee arrives thinking Frye is the Hulk he has been chasing.

Guest stars: Billy Green Bush as Sheriff Carl Decker Lola Albright as Elizabeth Collins Edward Walsh as Brad Wheeler

Carl Ciarfalio as Brad's friend (uncredited)
6914"The Harder They Fall"Mike VejarNancy FaulknerMarch 27, 1981 (1981-03-27)

Paralyzed from the waist down after an auto accident, a torn David 'Blackwell' must weigh up accepting life in a wheelchair or whether to risk intentionally transforming into the Hulk whose incredible regenerative ability may repair the damage.

Note: This is Denny Miller's second guest appearance in the series.
7015"Interview with the Hulk"Patrick BoyrivenAlan CassidyApril 3, 1981 (1981-04-03)

Tracked down in Atlanta by a respected science reporter named Emerson Fletcher (Michael Conrad) who realizes his true identity, construction worker David 'Butler' reluctantly agrees to an interview about the Hulk unaware that the now disgraced and desperate reporter is reduced to working for the National Register and that Jack McGee is hot on his trail.

Guest stars: Jan Sterling and Walter Brooke
7116"Half Nelson"Barry CraneAndrew SchneiderApril 17, 1981 (1981-04-17)

David 'Benley' befriends Buster Caldwell (Tommy Madden), a dwarf wrestler in Baltimore, but a couple of crime syndicate enforcers could get in their way.

Guest star: Elaine Joyce
7217"Danny"Mark A. BurleyDiane FrolovMay 15, 1981 (1981-05-15)

David 'Bentzen' tries to help a young widow and her baby get away from a living with a criminal hick brother in law.

Guest stars: Don Stroud and Robin Dearden
7318"Patterns"Nick HavingaReuben LederMay 22, 1981 (1981-05-22)
David 'Benson' is working for a New York clothes manufacturer who's banking everything on his daughter's fashion show. A couple of loan sharks start using force to get their money back. The owner, named Sam Brandes (Eddie Barth), claims David is his business partner. It is up to the Hulk to deal with the loan sharks who come calling for cash.

Season 5 (1981–82)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
741"The Phenom"Bernard McEveetyReuben LederOctober 2, 1981 (1981-10-02)

David 'Bedecker' catches a ride to Florida with a promising young baseball pitcher, but it will take the strength of the Hulk to protect the young man from the dangers of an unscrupulous agent.

Guest stars: Brett Cullen (Narcos), Anne Lockhart and Robert Donner
752"Two Godmothers"Mike VejarReuben LederOctober 9, 1981 (1981-10-09)
A special delivery makes for an amazing escape when laundry truck driver David 'Bradley' is forced to help three prisoners from a women's prison including one who is nine months pregnant.
763"Veteran"Mike VejarStory by : Nicholas Corea
Teleplay by : Reuben Leder and Nicholas Corea
October 16, 1981 (1981-10-16)
David 'Barnes' anonymity is put in jeopardy when he tries to stop a disturbed man named Doug Hewitt (Paul Koslo) from assassinating a prominent politician named Harrison Cole (Bruce Gray) who was a former Vietnam War veteran.
774"Sanctuary"Chuck BowmanDeborah DavisNovember 6, 1981 (1981-11-06)

While working as a caretaker at a convent, David Banner finds himself on a mission with a higher purpose when he impersonates a priest in order to save a young immigrant from some greedy smugglers.

Guest stars: Diana Muldaur and Edie McClurg
785"Triangle"Mike VejarAndrew SchneiderNovember 13, 1981 (1981-11-13)

Romance puts lumberjack David 'Beller' in a shaky situation when he competes with a powerful lumber baron for the attention of a beautiful local girl.

Notes: Charles Napier makes his second guest appearance. Jack McGee's last appearance in the series.
796"Slaves"John A. LibertiJeri TaylorMay 5, 1982 (1982-05-05)

Exposing the Hulk may be the only option for escape when David 'Becker' is captured by an embittered ex-convict and imprisoned in an abandoned ghost town.

Guest star: Jeffrey Kramer (Jaws)
807"A Minor Problem"Michael PreeceDiane FrolovMay 12, 1982 (1982-05-12)

David 'Bradshaw' is in a race against time when he arrives in Rocksprings, an eerily deserted town that has been contaminated by a deadly bacterium. When he is also infected, David must find an antidote to cure himself and everyone in Rocksprings.

Guest star: Linden Chiles

Reunion movies (1988–90)

TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
The Incredible Hulk ReturnsNicholas CoreaNicholas CoreaMay 22, 1988 (1988-05-22)
It's been two years since his last transformation and David Banner has developed a new gamma transponder at the Joshua-Lambert institute that he hopes will cure him of his inner monster forever. But when a former student unearths the frozen tomb of an ancient Norse God, the Mighty Thor is unleashed upon 20th century society. Both Hulk and Thor enter the conflict, but are later forced to become allies to save both the transponder and the woman Banner loves.
The Trial of the Incredible HulkBill BixbyGerald DiPegoMay 7, 1989 (1989-05-07)
While trying to stop a subway mugging, David Banner is arrested for assault and is defended by blind attorney Matt Murdock. But when the Hulk goes berserk and breaks out of jail, Murdock reveals his own secret to Banner: blinded by toxic radiation, he stalks the night as the super-sensory acrobatic crimefighter Daredevil. David and Murdock join forces to defeat an international crime syndicate led by Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin.
The Death of the Incredible HulkBill BixbyGerald DiPegoFebruary 18, 1990 (1990-02-18)
Desperately trying to rid himself of his monster-like alter ego once and for all, janitor David Banner sneaks into a government research lab run by Dr. Ronald Pratt hoping to find a solution. When Pratt discovers David's plight, he offers to help, but a beautiful spy who's out to steal Pratt's research for terrorists forces Banner to choose between love and loyalty, good and evil, and ultimately, life and death.


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