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This is a list of Hulk supporting characters.


Hulk family
Robert Bruce Banner I
Karen Lee RossGen. Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross
The Red Hulk
Rebecca BannerBrian Banner
Guilt Hulk
Susan Banner-DrakeElaine Banner-WaltersMorris Walters
Brian TalbotMaj. Glenn TalbotElizabeth "Betty" Ross
Harpy / Red She-Hulk
Dr. Robert Bruce Banner
Incredible Hulk

Joe Fixit
Immortal Hulk
Caiera the OldstrongJarellaJennifer Susan "Jen" Walters
Savage She-Hulk
Matt TalbotHelen ChoPhil ChoHiro-Kala
Monica Rappaccini
Scientist Supreme
Madame Curie "Maddy" ChoAmadeus Cho
Totally Awesome Hulk
World-Breaker / Brawn
Timothy "Tim" BlackJulia BlackLyra Walters
Savage She-Hulk
Lorcan RappacciniCarmilla Black (née Thasanee Rappaccini)
The Scorpion
  1. ^ Previously married to John Jonah Jameson III before the pair divorced.
  2. ^ a b Posthumously born after a breached Illuminati warp core killed Caiera the Oldstrong in a nuclear explosion.
  3. ^ a b Clones of She-Hulk created by the Headmen and the Master of the World.


Wife and children

Extended family



Group enemies

Neutral rivals

Other enemies

Red Hulk's enemies


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