The Oberg Mountain Trail Head in Tofte.

This article presents a list of hiking trails in Minnesota. Trails listed in this article are located within the U.S. state of Minnesota and specifically designated for hiking according to a primary source, or it must be recognized for its hiking significance in reliable secondary sources. Simply accommodating pedestrian activities like walking or running does not merit inclusion in this list. Although the list may feature some multi-use trails and paved paths, the primary focus is on hiking. Therefore, trails predominantly used for other activities such as bicycle paths, sidewalks, snowmobile/ATV trails, urban walkways, and other non-automobile paths are excluded.

Trails by region


This section includes trails within the central and metropolitan areas of Minnesota, particularly around the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs.


The northeastern part of Minnesota, particularly along the Iron Range in the Arrowhead Region, is known for its dense forests, lakes, and rugged terrain making it a popular destination for more challenging hiking experiences.


Northwest Minnesota is home to the Red River Valley.


These trails are in the southeastern region of Minnesota.


Southwestern Minnesota is characterized by its bluff landscapes and river valleys. It includes the Minnesota River Valley and Coteau des Prairies.

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