This is a list of islands of Malaysia. According to the Department of Survey and Mapping, Malaysia, there are 878 islands in the country. The state of Sabah has the most islands with 394 islands within its waters.[1] Apart from that, Malaysia also has 510 offshore geographical features which include rocks, sandbanks and ridges.[2] In 2015, it was reported that Malaysia still has over 535 unnamed islands, prompting the need for the government to take quick action to prevent neighbouring countries from taking over these islands.[3][4] Most of the islands in the state of Sabah have been given a name, according to a statement from the State Land and Survey Department director.[5]

Major islands

Islands over 250,000 square kilometres

Islands over 200 square kilometres

Disputed islands

Further information: Territorial disputes in the South China Sea

Minor islands

Jerejak Island.

Islands below 200 square kilometres

Artificial islands

Other island groups, conservation areas, and national parks

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