Altai Mountains, Sayan Mountains and Khangai Mountains

Mongolia has three major mountain ranges. The highest is the Altai Mountains, which stretch across the western and the southwestern regions of the country on a northwest-to-southeast axis. The Khangai Mountains, mountains also trending northwest to southeast, occupy much of central and north-central Mongolia. These are older, lower, and more eroded mountains, with many forests and alpine pastures. The Khentii Mountains near the Russian border to the northeast of Ulaanbaatar, are lower still.

Thirteen mountains are capped with a glacier in Mongolia.

The following is a list of mountains in Mongolia:

Name Peaks Height (m) Range Location
1 Tavan Bogd Khüiten 4374 Mongol-Altai Bayan-Ölgii
Nairamdal 4180
Malchin 4050
2 Mönkh Hairhan Sukhbaatar 4204 Khovd, Bayan-Ölgii
3 Tsambagarav Tsast 4196 Bayan-Ölgii, Khovd
Tsambagarav 4165
4 Sutai Sutai 4090 Gobi-Altai Govi-Altai, Khovd
5 Harhiraa 4037 Mongol-Altai Uvs
6 Höh Serkh Tahilt 4019 Bayan-Ölgii
7 Otgontenger 4008 Khangai Zavkhan
8 Baatar Hairhan 3984 Mongol-Altai Khovd
9 Ih Bogd 3975 Gobi-Altai Bayankhongor
10 Türgen Deglii Tsagaan 3966 Mongol-Altai Uvs
11 Tsengel Khairkhan 3943 Mongol-Altai Bayan-Ölgii
12 Öndor Hairhan 3914
13 Aj Bogd Ih Ovoo 3802 Gobi-Altai Govi-Altai
14 Jargalant Hairhan 3796 Mongol-Altai Khovd
15 Burhan Buudai 3765 Gobi-Altai Govi-Altai
16 Baga Bogd 3600 Övörkhangai
17 Hasagt Hairhan 3578 Govi-Altai
18 Monkh Saridag 3491 Sayan Khövsgöl
19 Dunheger 3225 Gobi-Altai Govi-Altai
20 Suvraga Hairhan 3117 Khangai Arkhangai
Khan Höhii 2928 Uvs
Asralt Hairhan 2799 Khentii Töv
Bogd Khan Mountain 2261
Bat Khan Mountain 2178
Burhan Haldun Khentii Khentii
Shiliin Bogd 1778 Sükhbaatar
Dari Ovoo 1354

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