This is a list of shoe styles and designs. A shoe is an item of footwear intended to protect and comfort the human foot while doing various activities. Shoes are also used as an item of decoration. The design of shoes has varied enormously through time and from culture to culture, with appearance originally being tied to function. Additionally, fashion has often dictated many design elements, such as whether shoes have very high heels or flat ones. Contemporary footwear varies widely in style, complexity and cost. Shoemaking is the process of making footwear. Originally, shoes were made one at a time by hand. Traditional handicraft shoemaking has now been largely superseded in volume of shoes produced by industrial mass production of footwear, but not necessarily in quality, attention to detail, or craftsmanship.

Shoe styles

Shoe designers have described a very large number of shoe styles, including the following:

Leather ballet shoes, with feet shown in fifth position.
A cantabrian albarca is a rustic wooden shoe in one piece, which has been used particularly by the peasants of Cantabria, northern Spain.[1][2]
A black derby shoe with a Goodyear welt and leather sole
A woman wearing jelly shoes
Girl wearing sandals held to the feet by both thong and straps.
A soft-soled moccasin
A pair of men's Blue branded side-gusset slip-on shoes
Venetian loafers
Toe shoe

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