View of buildings of Tunis from the lake
View of buildings of Tunis from the lake
Hotel Africa ,120m
Hotel Africa ,120m
BH Bank tunis ,75m
BH Bank tunis ,75m
STB bank, 71m
STB bank, 71m
National library of Tunisia ,70m
National library of Tunisia ,70m
cité de la culture tunis,74m
cité de la culture tunis,74m
Tallest Buildings in Tunisia
name of building height floors date of construction city use
Hôtel Africa 112m 24 1971 Tunis hotel
tour de la nation 96m 23 2004 Tunis 3 ministres| cultural center
Hotel laico tunis 90m 21 1988 Tunis hotel
Banque de l'habitat 75m 16 2010 Tunis bureaux
cite de la culture 75m 5 2018 Tunis cultural center
STB bank 71m 18 1987 Tunis bureaux
diplomat hotel 70m 17 1984 Tunis hotel
national library of tunisia 70m 15 2007 tunis library
Iheb center 61m 16 2018 Sfax restaurant| shopping mall|commercial centers
OTLA bizerte 61m 14 1959 Bizerte residence militaire
sousse Palace hotel 58m 13 2026 sousse hotel
hopital militaire 58m 15 2000 tunis hopital
ADB old HQ 54m 15 2000 tunis bureaux
residence les pyramides 54m 14 2002 tunis residence
el hana international hotel 51m 13 1984 tunis hotel
API 51m 13 1989 tunis bureaux
ibn khaldoun hotel 51m 15 1990 tunis hotel
Transcom center 50m 12 2017 tunis bureaux
building on rue kamel ataturk 50m 14 1979 tunis residence| bureaux
residence bouzaabia al rayhane tower 50m 15 2009 souse residence
golden towers 1 48m 12 2016 tunis bureaux
golden towers 2 48m 12 2016 tunis bureaux
marriott hotel 48m 14 2021 tunis hotel
CUN tower 48m 12 2015 tunis bureaux
Residence verre 47m tunis residence bureaux commerce
lazreg tower 47m 14 2018 sousse residence
Radisson BLU IQ business Center lake building 47m 2023 tunis hotel commerce
EY towers 46.5m 12 2021 Tunis Bureaux
Helya Tower 46.4m 12 2003 Sousse residence
helya tower 46.4m 2020 sahloul residence
residence marama 46.4m, 2020 sahloul residence
Coral medical Towers 46.4m 12 2020 Tunis Bureaux
Business Towers 46.3m 12 2022 Tunis Bureaux
archives national building 46m 12 1990 tunis bureaux
residence sfax towers 46m 11 2010 sfax residence
nasria building 46m 11 2015 sfax mixte
Elain center 45m 12 2010 sfax bureaux
la couronne 44m 11 2016 sfax mixte
building on ave 5 aout 44m 12 2012 sfax mixte
Zitouna bank HQ 43m 8 2003 Tunis Banque
riadh palms hotel 43m 12 1990 sousse hotel
OCT 43m 12 1962 tunis bureaux
el medina center 43m 12 2007 sfax bureaux | commercial center
yassmine tower 43m 11 2015 tunis mixte
city center sfax 41m 11 2014 sfax bureaux | commercial center
ibn zohr 40m 10 2005 sfax bureaux
jibti center 40m 10 2006 sfax bureaux
Attijari bank 40m 9 2014 tunis bureaux
grand hotel du lac 40m 11 1973 tunis hotel
hotel des ambassadeurs 40m 10 1999 tunis hotel
hopital habib bougatfa 40m 9 2008 bizerte hopital
hotel golden tulip mechtel 40m 10 1976 tunis hotel
Novotel ibis hotels 40m 11 2007 tunis hotel
marina bizerte 38m 10 2024 bizerte residence |hotel
banque centrale de la tunisie 38m 10 1977 tunis bureaux
amen bank 38m 9 1980 tunis bureaux
musee de la monnaie 38m 10 2007 tunis musee
residence el hana bizerte 38m 10 2010 bizerte residence
cliopatre center 38m 10 2016 tunis bureaux
hotel maison blanche 37m 9 2005 tunis hotel
BNA bank 37m 9 1980 tunis bureaux
pearl mariott hotel 37m 10 sousse hote
ahla center 37m 9 sousse commercial center
modern building of sousse 37m 10 sousse bureaux
monastir hotel 37m 10 monastir hotel
El hana residence 36.2m 10 2010 Bizerte residence
boujaafar hotel 36m 9 1968 sousse hotel
BTK 36m 10 2000 tunis bureaux
ATB 36m 10 1991 tunis bureaux
GAT assurances 36m 10 tunis bureaux
pateur medical center 36m 9 2013 tunis hopital
ETAP building 36m 10 tunis bureaux
ministere de l'education superieur 36m 10 tunis bureaux
ministere de l'education 36m 10 tunis bureaux
ribat el medina 36m 8 sfax buraux
business hotel 36m 10 sfax hotel
movenpick sfax 36m 10 2020 sfax hotel
carefoor sfax 36m 9 2014 sfax magasin
bizerte center 35m 9 1999 bizerte bureaux
residence roukii 35m 10 2000 bizerte residence
tallest futuristic buildings in tunisia
name of building height floors status city use
meditarren GATE tower 1000m proposed samaa dubai tunis Mixte
tunisia economic city tallest tower 700m proposed economic city mixte
media city tower 500m proposed economic city mixte
sports city tower 400m proposed economic city mixte
tourism city tower 400m proposed economic city mixte
media tower 400m proposed economic city mixte
carthage gate &complex 400m 99 proposed tunis mixte
residential tallest tower 300m propoesd economic city residence
trade tower of economic city 300m proposed economic city mixte
medical tallest tower of tunisia 300m proposed economic city hopital
research & developemt tower 270m proposed economic city mixte
medical sails towers 260m proposed economic city hopital
finicial port tower 250m in construction new city mixte
lake tallest tower 240m in construction tunis mixte
tunisia national tv new tower 100m proposed economic city mixte
sportive city tower 1 100m 25 proposed tunis mixte
sportive city tower 2 100m 25 proposed tunis mixte
sportive city tower 3 100m 25 proposed tunis mixte
tallest mosques in Tunisia
name of the mosque height city
mosquee malik ibn anas 55m Carthage tunis
mosquee zitouna 43m tunis
al fath mosque 42m bizerte
hamouda pacha mosque 39m tunis
tallest lighthouses in Tunisia
name of the lighthouse height city date of construction
phare de Taguermess 50m djerba mednine 1895
phare de ras thyna 44m thyna sfax 1895
phare de l"ile kuriat 26m monastir 1894
phare de sousse 22m sousse 1890
phare de l"ile plane 21m bizerte 1888

Non-residential and no bureau[edit]

Structure City Structural type Coordinates Year of built Pinnacle height (m) Pinnacle height (ft) Remarks
Zarzis TV Mast Zarzis Guyed Mast 33°31′44.93″N 11°2′59.92″E / 33.5291472°N 11.0499778°E / 33.5291472; 11.0499778 (Zarzis TV Mast) 320 m 1050 ft
Gafsa Radio Mast Gafsa Guyed Mast 34°28′10.52″N 8°50′11.42″E / 34.4695889°N 8.8365056°E / 34.4695889; 8.8365056 (Gafsa Radio Mast) 260.6 m 855 ft mediumwave transmitter, used for 585 kHz
Jedeida Radio Mast Jedeida Guyed Mast 36°50′11.91″N 9°55′46.23″E / 36.8366417°N 9.9295083°E / 36.8366417; 9.9295083 (Jedeida Radio Mast) 250 m 820 ft mediumwave transmitter, used for 630 kHz and 963 kHz
El Ghabra TV Mast Sfax Guyed Mast 34°56′56.4″N 10°44′24.05″E / 34.949000°N 10.7400139°E / 34.949000; 10.7400139 (El Ghabra TV Mast) 235 m 771 ft
Sidi Mansour Transmitter Sfax Guyed Mast 34°49′12.28″N 10°50′53.2″E / 34.8200778°N 10.848111°E / 34.8200778; 10.848111 (Sidi Mansour Transmitter) ; 34°49′9.03″N 10°50′49.57″E / 34.8191750°N 10.8471028°E / 34.8191750; 10.8471028 (Sidi Mansour Transmitter) 208 m 682 ft mediumwave transmitter, used for 720 kHz
Old Jedeida Radio Mast Jedeida Guyed Mast 36°50′47.37″N 9°55′48.49″E / 36.8464917°N 9.9301361°E / 36.8464917; 9.9301361 (Old Jedeida Radio Mast) 148 m 486 ft
Ayn Darahim TV Mast Ayn Darahim Guyed Mast 36°46′10.53″N 8°42′1.53″E / 36.7695917°N 8.7004250°E / 36.7695917; 8.7004250 (Ayn Darahim TV Mast) 120 m 394 ft
Bidaha TV Tower Gafsa Lattice tower 34°25′54.26″N 9°13′44.93″E / 34.4317389°N 9.2291472°E / 34.4317389; 9.2291472 (Bidaha TV Tower) 120 m 394 ft
Goraa TV Tower Teboursouk Lattice tower 36°29′9.55″N 9°8′47.88″E / 36.4859861°N 9.1466333°E / 36.4859861; 9.1466333 (Goraa TV Tower) 120 m 394 ft
Zaghouan TV Tower Zaghouan Lattice tower 36°22′21.23″N 10°7′52.46″E / 36.3725639°N 10.1312389°E / 36.3725639; 10.1312389 (Zaghouan TV Tower) 120 m 394 ft
Harboub Radio Mast Harboub Guyed mast 33°14′19.52″N 10°27′30.54″E / 33.2387556°N 10.4584833°E / 33.2387556; 10.4584833 (Harboub Radio Mast) 109 m 358 ft mediumwave transmitter, used for 684 kHz
Radès Power Station, Chimney South Radès Chimney 36°47′45.31″N 10°16′59.24″E / 36.7959194°N 10.2831222°E / 36.7959194; 10.2831222 (Radès Power Station, Chimney South) 104 m 341 ft
usine de ciment bizerte chimney 104m
Radès Power Station, Chimney North Radès Chimney 36°47′49″N 10°17′1.12″E / 36.79694°N 10.2836444°E / 36.79694; 10.2836444 (Radès Power Station, Chimney North) 102 m 335 ft
Jebel ech Chambi TV Tower Kasserine Lattice tower 35°12′25.78″N 8°40′58.6″E / 35.2071611°N 8.682944°E / 35.2071611; 8.682944 (Jebel ech Chambi TV Tower) 100 m 328 ft
Gabès Radio Tower Gabès Lattice tower 33°53′3.33″N 10°5′36.11″E / 33.8842583°N 10.0933639°E / 33.8842583; 10.0933639 (Gabès Radio Tower) 100 m 328 ft
Ben Gardane Mourad Telecom Mast Ben Gardane Guyed Mast 33°8′22.21″N 11°13′10.76″E / 33.1395028°N 11.2196556°E / 33.1395028; 11.2196556 (Ben Gardane Mourad Telecom Mast) 100 m 328 ft