This is a list of unincorporated communities in the U.S. state of Washington which are not incorporated municipalities. Incorporated municipalities in the state are listed separately in a list of cities and list of towns. Due to unreliability of the source data in the Geographic Names Information System, items in this list may be historical places that no longer exist, places that are part of an incorporated city or town or a CDP, or never a community in the first place.

Census-designated places

Main article: List of census-designated places in Washington

There are 345 unincorporated communities that are treated as "places" for the purpose of U.S. Census Bureau data collection. These are termed census-designated places (CDPs) and are listed on a separate page.

Unincorporated communities (including those that are CDPs)

Community[1][2][3] County Postal address[4]
Addy Stevens County (Addy)
Adna Lewis County (Adna)
Aeneas Okanogan County Tonasket
Agate Mason County
Agnew Clallam County Port Angeles
Ajlune Lewis County Mossyrock
Aladdin Stevens County
Alameda Douglas County
Alder Pierce County Eatonville
Alderdale Klickitat County
Alder Grove Grays Harbor County Montesano
Alderton Pierce County Puyallup
Alderwood Whatcom County
Alfalfa Yakima County
Allen Skagit County Bow
Allentown King County Tukwila
Allison Pierce County
Allyn Mason County (Allyn)
Almota Whitman County
Alpha Lewis County Onalaska
Alta Vista Lewis County
Alto Columbia County
Altoona Wahkiakum County
Amanda Park Grays Harbor (Amanda Park)
Anatone Asotin County (Anatone)
Ankeny Adams County
Anson Adams County Othello
Appledale Douglas County
Appleton Klickitat County (Appleton)
Arcadia Mason County
Arden Stevens County
Ardenvoir Chelan County (Ardenvoir)
Argyle San Juan County
Ariel Cowlitz County (Ariel)
Artic Grays Harbor County
Arzina Stevens County
Attalia Walla Walla County
Austin Island County
Avon Skagit County
Ayer Walla Walla County
Babb Spokane County
Babcock Walla Walla County
Bacon Grant County Wilson Creek
Baileysburg Columbia County
Baird Douglas County Coulee City
Balford Whatcom County Peaceful Valley
Ballow Mason County
Banks Grant County
Barco Snohomish County
Barstow Ferry County
Batum Adams County
Bay City Grays Harbor County Aberdeen
Bayne King County
Bayview Island County
Bayview Pierce County
Bay View Skagit County
Beaver Clallam County (Beaver)
Beebe Douglas County Chelan
Belfair Mason County (Belfair)
Belmont Whitman County (Belmont)
Benge Adams County (Benge)
Berne Chelan County
Berrydale King County
Berryman Walla Walla County
Beverly Grant County (Beverly)
Bingville Stevens County
Birchfield Yakima County
Birdsview Skagit County
Blakely Island San Juan County (Blakely Island)
Blewett Chelan County Leavenworth
Blockhouse Klickitat County
Blueslide Pend Oreille County
Bluestem Lincoln County
Bodie Okanogan County Wauconda
Boistfort Lewis County Chehalis
Bolles Walla Walla County
Bolster Okanogan County
Bordeaux Thurston County
Bossburg Stevens County
Boston Harbor Thurston County Olympia
Bow Skagit County (Bow)
Boyds Ferry County (Boyds)
Breidablick Kitsap County Poulsbo
Bremer Lewis County
Brennan Whatcom County Ferndale
Brookfield Wahkiakum County
Brooklyn Pacific County
Brownstown Yakima County (Brownstown)
Bruce Adams County Othello
Bruceport Pacific County
Bryant Snohomish County Arlington
Bryn Mawr King County Seattle
Buckhorn San Juan County
Buckeye Spokane County
Buena Yakima County (Buena)
Bunker Lewis County Chehalis
Bunker Hill Cowlitz County
Burley Kitsap County (Burley)
Burnett Pierce County Buckley
Buroker Walla Walla County
Busby Whitman County
Byron Yakima County
Cactus Franklin County
Camden Pend Oreille County
Canby Lincoln County
Canyon Creek Snohomish County Bothell
Carlisle Grays Harbor County Copalis
Carlsborg Clallam County Sequim
Carlton Okanogan County (Carlton)
Carrolls Cowlitz County (Carrolls)
Cascade King County Renton
Cascade Valley Grant County
Cashup Whitman County
Cedar Falls King County North Bend
Cedarhurst King County
Cedarville Whatcom County Oakville
Cedonia Stevens County Hunters
Chambers Whitman County
Chard Garfield County
Chattaroy Spokane County (Chattaroy)
Chelan Falls Chelan County
Chelatchie Clark County
Cherokee Okanogan County Omak
Chesaw Okanogan County
Chester Spokane County
Chief Joseph Okanogan County Brewster
Chillowist Okanogan County
Chimacum Jefferson County
Chiwaukum Chelan County
Chumstick Chelan County
Cinebar Lewis County
Clallam Bay Clallam County
Clarkston Heights Asotin County
Clayton Stevens County
Clearwater Jefferson County
Cleveland Klickitat County
Climax Walla Walla County
Clipper Whatcom County
Cloverland Asotin County
Clyde Walla Walla County
Coal Creek Cowlitz County
Cokedale Skagit County
Colbert Spokane County
Cole's Corner Chelan County
Copalis Crossing Grays Harbor County
Coppei Walla Walla County
Corfu Grant County
Cougar Cowlitz County
Covada Ferry County
Cowiche Yakima County
Coyle Jefferson County
Crane Clallam County
Crater Grant County Quincy
Cromwell Pierce County
Crosby Kitsap County
Cumberland King County
Cunningham Adams County
Curlew Ferry County
Curry Franklin County
Curtis Lewis County
Dabob Jefferson County
Dahlia Wahkiakum County
Daisy Stevens County
Dalkena Pend Oreille County
Danville Ferry County
Darknell Spokane County
Dartford Spokane County
Day Creek Skagit County
Decatur San Juan County
Deckerville Mason County
Deep Creek Spokane County
Del Rio Douglas County
Delaney Columbia County
Delphi Thurston County
Denison Spokane County
Dewey Whatcom County Bellingham
Dexter by the Sea Pacific County
Diablo Whatcom County
Diamond Lake Pend Oreille County
Disautel Okanogan County Omak
Discovery Bay Jefferson County
Disque Clallam County
Dodge Garfield County
Doe Bay San Juan County
Donald Yakima County
Doris Kittitas County
Dot Klickitat County
Doty Lewis County
Douglas Douglas County
Downing Douglas County Bridgeport
Dryden Chelan County
Dulwich Ferry County
Dungeness Clallam County
Dyer Douglas County Bridgeport
Dynamite Spokane County
East Farms Spokane County
Eastman Walla Walla County
Eastsound San Juan County
Eastward Pierce County
Echo Stevens County
Eden Wahkiakum County
Edgecomb Snohomish County
Edwall Lincoln County
Eglon Kitsap County
Elberton Whitman County
Eldon Mason County
Elk Spokane County
Ellisford Okanogan County
Eltopia Franklin County
Elwha Clallam County
Elwood Walla Walla County
Emerald Yakima County
Ennis Walla Walla County
Enterprise Okanogan County
Espanola Spokane County
Eureka Walla Walla County
Evans Stevens County
Ewartsville Whitman County
Fairholm(e) Clallam County
Fairmont Snohomish County
Fairview Douglas County Mansfield
Fairwood Spokane County
Fallon Whitman County
Fargher Lake Clark County
Farmer Douglas County
Finn Hill King County
Firdale Pacific County
Fishtrap Lincoln County
Fobes Hill Mason County
Ford Stevens County
Fordair Grant County Coulee City
Fortson Snohomish County
Frances Pacific County
Frankfort Pacific County
Fredonia Skagit County
Freedom Spokane County
Fruitland Stevens County
Furport Pend Oreille County
Galena Snohomish County
Gardiner Jefferson County
Geiger Spokane County
Getchell Snohomish County
Gifford Stevens County
Gilberton Kitsap County
Gilmer Klickitat County
Glade Franklin County
Glenoma Lewis County
Glenwood Klickitat County
Gloyd Grant County
Goodnoe Hills Klickitat County
Goose Prairie Yakima County
Gorst Kitsap County
Gould City Garfield County
Govan Lincoln County
Grapeview Mason County
Gravelles Lincoln County
Grays Stevens County
Grays River Wahkiakum County
Green Bluff Spokane County
Greenbank Island County
Greenwood Whatcom County
Grisdale Grays Harbor County
Gromore Yakima County
Grotto King County
Guemes Skagit County
Hadley Walla Walla County
Halterman Snohomish County
Hampton Whatcom County
Hanford Benton County
Hanson Grant County
Hansville Kitsap County
Harmony Lewis County
Harstine (Island) / Harstene Mason County
Harter Ferry County
Hay Whitman County
Hayford Spokane County
Hazel Snohomish County
Hazelwood Spokane County
Heather Pacific County
Heisson Clark County
Highland Benton County
High Rock Snohomish County
Hilltop King County
Hillyard Spokane County
Hite Spokane County
Hogan's Corner Grays Harbor County
Holden Village Chelan County
Holly Kitsap County
Hollywood King County Woodinville
Holman Pacific County
Home Pierce County
Home Valley Skamania County
Hoodsport Mason County
Hoogdal Skagit County
Hooper Whitman County
Hope Pierce County
Howard Douglas County
Humorist Walla Walla County
Hunters Stevens County
Huntsville Columbia County
Husum Klickitat County
Hyak Kittitas County
Hyland Snohomish County
Illahee Kitsap County
Impach Ferry County
Indian Village Skagit County
Inglewood King County
Irby Lincoln County
Irondale Jefferson County
Jameson Douglas County Mansfield
Jamestown Clallam County
Jared Pend Oreille County
Jerita Whitman County
Johnson Whitman County
Joso Franklin County
Joyce Clallam County
Kalaloch Jefferson County
Kamilche Mason County
Kanaskat King County
Kangley King County
Kapowsin Pierce County
Karamin Ferry County
Keller Ferry County
Kewa Ferry County
Keyport Kitsap County
Keystone Adams County
Keystone Island County
Kid Valley Cowlitz County
Kiona Benton County
Kitsmiller Whitman County
Klaber Lewis County
Koontzville Okanogan County
Kooskooskie Walla Walla County
Kopiah Lewis County
Koren Adams County Othello
Krain King County
Kruse Snohomish County
La Grande Pierce County
Laing Grant County
Lakebay Pierce County
Lake McMurray Skagit County
Lakeridge King County
Lake Stickney Snohomish County
Lamoine Douglas County
Lamona Lincoln County
Lancaster Whitman County
La Push Clallam County
Laurel Whatcom County
Laurel Klickitat County
Laurier Ferry County
Lawrence Whatcom County
Le Grow Walla Walla County
Leadpoint Stevens County
Leahy Douglas County Bridgeport
Lee Walla Walla County
Levey Franklin County
Lexington Cowlitz County
Liberty Kittitas County
Lichty Yakima County
Lilliwaup Mason County
Lincoln (Mill) Lincoln County
Little Boston Kitsap County
Littlerock Thurston County
Locke Pend Oreille County
Long Columbia County
Long Lake Lincoln County
Longmire Pierce County
Loon Lake Stevens County
Lopez San Juan County
Lowden Walla Walla County
Lowell Snohomish County
Lucerne Chelan County
Mack Adams County
Mae Grant County
Magallon Walla Walla County
Malaga Chelan County
Malo Ferry County
Malone Grays Harbor County
Malott Okanogan County
Manito Spokane County
Manson Chelan County
Manzanita Kitsap County
Maple Heights-Lake Desire King County
Marble Stevens County
Marcellus Adams County
Marengo Columbia County
Marietta Whatcom County Bellingham
Marshall Spokane County
Martindale Franklin County
Matlock Mason County
Matthiesen Douglas County Mansfield
Maud Stevens County
Maxwelton Island County
Maytown Thurston County
Mayview Garfield County
Maywood King County
Mazama Okanogan County
McAdam Franklin County
McCarteney Douglas County
McCormick Lewis County
McDonald Grant County
McGowan Pacific County
McKenna Pierce County
McMillin Pierce County
Mead Spokane County
Megler Pacific County
Melbourne Grays Harbor County
Menlo Pacific County
Merritt Chelan County
Methow Okanogan County
Mica Spokane County
Midvale Yakima County
Milan Spokane County
Miles Lincoln County
Millburn Lewis County
Milltown Skagit County
Mima Thurston County
Mineral Lewis County
Minkler Skagit County
Mitchell Grant County
Mockonema Whitman County
Mohler Lincoln County
Mohrweis Mason County
Mojonnier Walla Walla County
Mold Douglas County
Molson Okanogan County
Mondovi Lincoln County
Monitor Chelan County
Monse Okanogan County Brewster
Montborne Skagit County
Monte Cristo Snohomish County
Moore Chelan County
Morton Lewis County
Mountain View Asotin County
Murdock Klickitat County
Nahcotta Pacific County
Nason Creek Chelan County
Naylor Grant County Ephrata
Nemah Pacific County
New London Grays Harbor County
Newhalem Whatcom County
Newman Lake Spokane County
Nickelsville King County
Nighthawk Okanogan County
Nile Yakima County
Nine Mile Falls Spokane County
Nordland Jefferson County
North Cove Pacific County
North Lynnwood Snohomish County
Northwood Whatcom County Lynden
Novelty Hill King County
Oceanside Pacific County
Ocosta Grays Harbor County
Odair Grant County Coulee City
Olalla Kitsap County
Olds Chelan County
Olema Okanogan County
Olequa Cowlitz County
Olga San Juan County
Omans Lincoln County
Onalaska Lewis County
Onion Creek Stevens County
Orcas (Village) San Juan County
Orient Ferry County
Orin Stevens County
Orondo Douglas County Orondo
Osborne Grant County Electric City
Osceola King County
Otis Orchards Spokane County
Outlook Yakima County
Ovington Clallam County
Oy(e)hut Grays Harbor County
Oysterville Pacific County
Ozette Clallam County
Pacific Beach King County
Packard Adams County
Packwood Lewis County
Page King County
Page Walla Walla County
Paha Adams County
Palisades Douglas County
Palmer King County
Pampa Whitman County
Penawawa Whitman County
Park Rapids Stevens County
Parker Yakima County
Parvin Whitman County
Paterson Benton County
Pearl Douglas County
Pearson Snohomish County
Pedigo Walla Walla County
Penrith Pend Oreille County
Peola Garfield County
Peone Spokane County
Peshastin Chelan County
Pickard Walla Walla County
Picnic Point Snohomish County
Piedmount Clallam County
Pigeon Springs Cowlitz County
Pinecliff Yakima County
Ping Garfield County
Pinkney City Stevens County
Plain Chelan County
Plaza Spokane County
Pleasant Hill Pleasant County
Pluvius Pacific County
Plymouth Benton County
Point Roberts Whatcom County
Pollard Ferry County
Pomona Yakima County
Porter Grays Harbor County
Port Gamble Kitsap County
Port Hadlock Jefferson County
Port Williams Clallam County
Possession Island County
Potlatch Mason County
Prang Douglas County
Preston King County
Prevost San Juan County
Priest Rapids Grant County
Proebstel Clark County
Providence Adams County
Puget Thurston County
Purdy Pierce County
Pysht Clallam County
Queets Jefferson County
Quillayute Clallam County
Quinault Grays Harbor County
Ralston Adams County
Ramapo Clallam County
Randle Lewis County
Redd Franklin County
Redondo King County
Rexville Skagit County
Rice Stevens County
Richardson San Juan County
Ridpath Whitman County
Rimrock Yakima County
Risbeck Whitman County
Ritell Grant County
Riverton King County
Robe Snohomish County
Roche Harbor San Juan County
Rocklyn Lincoln County
Rocky Butte Douglas County Bridgeport
Rogersburg Asotin County
Ronan Columbia County
Rosario San Juan County
Rosburg Wahkiakum County
Rosedale Pierce County
Rose Valley Cowlitz County
Royal City Grant County
Ruby Pend Oreille County
Ruff Grant County
Rulo Walla Walla County
Russell Walla Walla County
Ruxby Walla Walla County
Ryderwood Cowlitz County
Sagemoor Franklin County
St. Andrews Douglas County Coulee City
St. Hubert Douglas County Coulee City
Salkum Lewis County
San de Fuca Island County
Sappho Clallam County
Saratoga Island County
Sawyer Yakima County
Saxon Whatcom County
Schawana Grant County
Schlomer Franklin County
Scotia Pend Oreille County
Scott Walla Walla County
Seabeck Kitsap County
Seabrook Grays Harbor County
Seatons Grove Okanogan County
Seaview Pacific County
Sekiu Clallam County
Selleck King County
Seven Bays Lincoln County
Shaw Island San Juan County
Shawnee Whitman County
Sheffler Sheffler County
Sherman Lincoln County
Shore Acres Grays Harbor County
Sieler Grant County
Silcott Asotin County
Silver Beach Whatcom County
Silver Creek Lewis County
Silver Firs Snohomish County
Silverlake Cowlitz County
Simensen Adams County Warden
Similik Beach Skagit County
Skagit City Skagit County
Skamania Skamania County
Skamokawa Wahkiakum County
Skyway King County
Slater Walla Walla County
Smithville Klickitat County
Smyrna Grant County
Snee Oosh Skagit County
Snowden Klickitat County
Snug Harbor Clallam County
Sokulk Whitman County
Spirit Stevens County
Spring Glen King County
Stabler Skamania County
Staley Whitman County
Stehekin Chelan County
Steptoe Whitman County
Sterling Skagit County
Stillwater King County
Strandell Whatcom County
Stratford Grant County
Stringtown Pacific County
Stuart King County
Sulphur Franklin County
Sundale Klickitat County
Sunrise Pierce County
Sunshine Whitman County
Supplee Douglas County Waterville
Sutton Whitman County
Swede Hill Pierce County
Synarep Okanogan County
Tahuya Mason County
Tampico Yakima County
Tanglewilde Thurston County
Taunton Adams County Othello
Teanaway Kittitas County
Telford Lincoln County
Telma Chelan County
Thatcher San Juan County
Thavis Adams County
Thornton Whitman County
Thrall Kittitas County
Tiflis Grant County
Tiger Pend Oreille County
Tokul King County
Torboy Ferry County
Toroda Ferry County
Touhey Douglas County Mansfield
Toutle Cowlitz County
Tracy Walla Walla County
Trafton Snohomish County
Trinidad Grant County
Tucannon Columbia County
Tulker Snohomish County
Tumtum Stevens County
Turk Stevens County
Turner Columbia County
Twin Clallam County
Tyler Spokane County
Underwood Skamania County
Union Mason County
Upper Preston King County
Usk Pend Oreille County
Vail Thurston County
Valley Stevens County
Valley Grove Walla Walla County
Valleyford Spokane County
Van Horn Skagit County
Van Zandt Whatcom County
Vashon King County
Venner Yakima County
Vesta Grays Harbor County
Victor Mason County
Victor Whatcom County
Vineland Asotin County
Virginia Kitsap County
Wabash King County
Wabash Lewis County
Wacota Franklin County
Wagnersburg Chelan County
Wahl Whatcom County
Wakefield Okanogan County
Waldron San Juan County
Ward Stevens County
Warnick Whatcom County
Warwick Klickitat County
Wauconda Okanogan County
Waukon Lincoln County
Wauna Pierce County
Welcome Whatcom County
Welland Walla Walla County
Wellpinit Stevens County
Wenas Yakima County
Wenatchee Heights Chelan County
West Clarkston Asotin County
West Fork Ferry County
Westlake Grant County Moses Lake
Wheeler Grant County
Whelan Whitman County
Whetstone Columbia County
White Bluffs Benton County
Whitney Skagit County
Whitstran Benton County Prosser
Wickersham Whatcom County
Wilcox Whitman County
Wildcat Lake Kitsap County
Wildwood Lewis County
Wiley City Yakima County
Willapa Pacific County
Wilson Lewis County
Winchester Winchester County
Windust Franklin County
Winesap Chelan County
Winona Whitman County
Winton Chelan County
Wishkah Grays Harbor County
Withrow Douglas County
Wollochet Pierce County
Wymer Kittitas County
Yacht Haven San Juan County
Yale Cowlitz County
Yethonat Yakima County


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