List of urban rail systems in Thailand lists urban rail transit systems in Thailand. As of 2018, Bangkok is the only Thai city which has operational urban rail systems.

Bangkok Metropolitan Region

Main articles: Rail transport in Bangkok and Mass Rapid Transit Master Plan in Bangkok Metropolitan Region

The BTS Skytrain
Map of Bangkok urban transit systems
Map of Bangkok urban transit systems

Bangkok Metropolitan Region is, as of 2018, served by three rapid transit rail systems. The BTS Skytrain consists of two elevated lines, the Sukhumvit Line and the Silom Line. The underground Metropolitan Rapid Transit (MRT) also consists of two lines, the Blue Line and Purple Line. Finally, the elevated Airport Rail Link (ARL) links to Suvarnabhumi Airport. Although proposals for the development of rapid transit in Bangkok had been made since 1975,[1] leading to plans for the failed Lavalin Skytrain, it was only in 1999 that the BTS finally began operation.

Nonthaburi and Pak Kret

Nonthaburi and Pak Kret will be served by three MRT lines: MRT Purple Line, MRT Brown Line, and MRT Pink Line. These lines are the part of M-Map.

Nonthaburi Civic Center Station will be the central metro station of Nonthaburi Province.


Rangsit Municipality will be served by SRT Dark Red Line which is the part of SRT Red Lines commuter rail. In the future, the line will be extended north to Thammasat University. The city will be also served by three BRT lines.

Samut Prakan

Samut Prakan Municipality is served by the Sukhumvit Line, part of the BTS Skytrain. The full extension from Bearing to Kheha opened in December 2018.

Samut Sakhon

Samut Sakhon municipality will be served by the SRT Dark Red Line, part of the SRT Red Lines commuter rail. In the future, the line will link Bangkok and Maha Chai in Samut Sakhon.

Rapid transit lines in Bangkok Metropolitan Region
Line Terminal Opening Length [km] Stations Status
  BTS Skytrain Sukhumvit Line Khu Khot-Kheha (Current)

Wongwaen Rop Nok Tawan-ok - Bang Pu (Project)


n/a (Project)

53.58 (Current)

n/a (Project)

47 (Current)

56 (Project)

  BTS Skytrain Sukhumvit Line National Stadium - Bang Wa (Current)

Yosse - Taling chan (Project)


n/a (Project)

14.67 (Current)

n/a (Project)

14 (Current)

21 (Project)

  BTS Skytrain Gold Line Krung Thonburi - Khlongsan (Current)

Charoen Nakhon 60 - Issaraphap (Project)


n/a (Project)

2.7 (Current)

n/a (Project)

38 (Current)

6 (Project)

  MRT Metro Blue Line Tha Phra - Lak Song (Current)

Tha Phra - Phutthamonthon Sai 4 (Project)


n/a (Project)

48 (Current)

n/a (Project)

38 (Current)

42 (Project)

  MRT Metro Purple Line Khlong Bang Phai - Tao Poon (Current)

Khlong Bang Phai - Khru Nai (Project)


n/a (Project)

23 (Current)

46.6 (Project)

16 (Current)

33 (Project)

  Airport Rail Link Skytrain

(High speed train connecting 3 airports)

Phayathai - Suvarnabhumi (Current)

Don Mueang - Trad (Project)


2030 (Project)

28.6 (Current)

413.2 (Project)

8 (Current)

19 (Project)

  SRT Suburban Metro Dark Red Line Bang Sue - Rangsit (Current)

Pak Tho - Ban Phachi (Project)


n/a (Project)

22.6 (Current)

185 (Project)

10 (Current)

62 (Project)

  SRT Suburban Metro Light Red Line Bang Sue - Taling Chan (Current)

Nakhon Pathom - Chachoengsao (Project)


n/a (Project)

15 (Current)

127.5 (Project)

3 (Current)

22 (Project)

  MRT monorail Yellow Line Ladprao - Samrong (construct)

Wong Sawang - Phra Pradaeng (project)

2022 (construct)

n/a (project)

32 (construct)

47.37 (project)

23 (construct)

n/a (project)

  MRT monorail Pink Line Nonthaburi Government Center - Minburi (Construct)

Nonthaburi Government Center - Muang Thong Thani Lake - Minburi (Project)

2022 (construct)

n/a (project)

34.5 (construct)

n/a (project)

30 (construct)

32 (project)

  MRT Metro Orange Line Bang Khun Non - Thailand Cultural Center (Construct)

Thailand Cultural Center - Romklao Intersection (Project)

2027 (construct)

n/a (project)

13.9 (construct)

20.28 (project)

17 (construct)

12 (project)

  Skytrain ฺBrown Line Nonthaburi Government Center - Lamsalee (Project) 2028 (project) 21 (project) 20 (project) project
  Skytrain Gray Line Watcharaphon - Thonglor - Phra Khanong - Tha Phra (Project) 2032 (Project) 40 (Project) 39 (Project) project
  Skytrain Light Blue Line Pracha Songkhro - Chong Nonsi (Project) 2029 (Project) 9.5 (Project) 9 (Project) Project
  Skytrain silver Line Bang Na - Suvarnabhumi South Terminal (Project) 2029 (Project) 24 (Project) 14 (Project) Project
  monorail Chula-Siam Square Line Chalerm Phao - Royal Athletics Club (Project) n/a (Project) 6.7 (Project) 11 (Project) Project
  monorail Ramkhamhaeng - Thonglor Line Rajamangala National Stadium - Thonglor (Project) n/a (Project) 11.1 (Project) 9 (Project) Project
  monorail Bangkok City Hall 2 – Yothi Road Line Bangkok City Hall 2 - Phra Ram 6 (Project) n/a (Project) n/a (Project) 7 (Project) Project
  monorail Bang pu - Suvarnabhumi Line Bang pu - Suvarnabhumi (Project) n/a (Project) 23.39 (Project) 5 (Project) Project



Main article: Phitsanulok Tram

In Phitsanulok, there is a plan to build a tramway system which has several lines. The project will be modelled on the Sydney tramway network.[2]



Main article: Pattaya Monorail

Pattaya City had a plan to build a monorail line consisting of ten stations. As of 2018, there has been no progress.[3] In 2020 a new plan called for a 9km, 11 station monorail. A 50 million baht feasibility project would be commissioned first. [4] The monorail could open by 2026 with additional lines added in the 2030s.[5]


Chiang Mai

Main article: Chiang Mai light rail transit

Chiang Mai Municipality has one existing monorail system, Chiang Mai Zoo Monorail, used for excursions within the zoo. Plans for an electric rail system have been discussed for years. In 2018, the plans seem to have gained traction. The Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) announced that the bidding process for a tram network in Chiang Mai could begin in 2020.[6] The 35 km tramway, both above and below ground, is estimated to cost 86 billion baht. It is projected that the first of three lines could break ground in 2021, and the system could be operational by roughly 2027.[6]


Khon Kaen

Main article: Khon Kaen Light Rail Transit

In Khon Kaen, there is a plan to build a Light Rail with several lines. In 2016, a 26 kilometer-long light rail line was proposed. The light rail line, which is to be funded by local government and businesses instead of the central government, hopes to begin construction in 2019.[7]

Rapid transit lines in Khon Kaen City Municipality
Line Proposed opening Terminal Length [km] Length [mile] Stations Status
  Red Line 2022 Samran Tha Phra 22.6 14.0 16 Approved
  Yellow Line ???? Ban Thum Bueng Niam 41 25 23 Planned
  Blue Line ???? VIP Home Mitr Sampan 22 14 19 Planned
  Green Line ???? Nam Ton Sila 32 20 25 Planned
  Pink Line ???? Circle route 6 3.7 10 Planned

Nakhon Ratchasima

Main article: Nakhon Ratchasima Light Rail Transit

Nakhon Ratchasima Municipality has a plan to build five elevated bus rapid transit (or Skybus) lines with the name Korat Rapid Transit.[8] As of 2018, there has been no progress. Later, there is a plan to build a tramway system of several lines.[2] The project will be modelled on the Sydney tramway network.[2]

Rapid transit lines in Nakhon Ratchasima City Municipality
Line Proposed opening Terminal Length [km] Length [mile] Stations Status
  Orange Line 2022 Pradok Intersection Khu Muang Kao 9.81 6.10 17 Approved
  Green Line 2022 Save One Market Baan Nari Swat Protection and Occupational Development Center 11.17 6.94 18 Approved
  Purple Line 2025 Save One Market Baan Nari Swat Protection and Occupational Development Center 11.92 7.41 9 Approved


Hat Yai and Songkhla

Main article: Hat Yai Monorail

Hat Yai monorail is a planned 12.54 kilometer-long elevated monorail consisted of 12 stations. As of 2016, the line is being studied by a university and the government. The design of the stations has been completed. The project will cost approximately 15,799 million baht to construct.[9] It is hoped that construction will begin in 2019.

State Railway of Thailand (SRT) has a plan to build commuter rail linking Hat Yai and Songkhla by reusing a defunct railway line that closed in 1978.[10]

Phuket Island

Main article: Phuket Island light rail transit

The Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) announced in 2018 that bidding to construct a 60 kilometre-long, 23 station tram network in Phuket will commence in 2020. The 39 billion baht tram is part of the government's Private-Public-Partnership (PPP) plan which ensures it will be fast-tracked. The planned route stretches from Takua Thung District in Phang Nga Province to Chalong in Phuket. Phase one will connect Phuket International Airport with Chalong, about 40 kilometres. It will take three years to complete.[11] The project will be modelled on the Sydney tramway network.[2]

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