Magisk is free and open-source software for the rooting of Android devices, developed by John Wu. Magisk supports devices running Android 6.0+.[1]

Original author(s)John Wu (topjohnwu)
Stable release
26.3 / September 4, 2023; 4 months ago (2023-09-04)
Written inC++[2]
Operating systemAndroid
LicenseGPL-3.0 Edit this on Wikidata


Magisk is a free and open-source software that enables users to gain root access to their Android devices. With Magisk, users can install various modifications and customizations, making it a popular choice for Android enthusiasts. Additionally, Magisk comes with a built-in app called Magisk, which allows users to manage root permissions and install various modules.[3]

Magisk has a systemless approach and modular design; it offers a safe and easy way to root a device and add new features and functionality.[4]


Magisk started out as a small project created by John Wu, it has now grown to more than 252 contributors. In version 21, support for Android 11 was added.[5] In version 22, support for the Samsung Galaxy S21 was added.[6] In version 26, support for Android 5 and earlier was removed.[7]

The original developer John Wu started working for the Android security team in 2021.[8] In 2021, the MagiskHide feature of Magisk was discontinued by the original developer John Wu. Arnoud Wokke from Tweakers argued that there is a high chance this feature will be developed by a third party developer as a Magisk module.[9]

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