Magisk is free and open-source software for the rooting of Android devices, developed by John Wu. Magisk supporting devices running higher than Android 5.0.[1]

Original author(s)John Wu (topjohnwu)
Stable release
25.2 (25200) / July 21st, 2022
Written inC++[2]
Operating systemAndroid
LicenseGPL-3.0 Edit this on Wikidata


Magisk is a systemless root solution for Android devices. It enables you to root your device without modifying the system files. This means that you can root your device without voiding the warranty. Magisk also allows you to hide the root status of your device from specific apps. This is useful if you want to use an app that does not work with rooted devices.[3]


Magisk started out as a small project created by John Wu, it has now grown to more than 252 contributors. In version 21, support for Android 11 was added.[4] In version 22, support for the Samsung Galaxy S21 was added.[5] In version 23, support for Android 5 and earlier was removed.[6]

The original developer John Wu started working for the Android security team in 2021.[7] In 2021, the MagiskHide feature of Magisk was discontinued by the original developer John Wu. Arnoud Wokke from Tweakers argued that there is a high chance this feature will be developed by a third party developer as a Magisk module.[8]

Magisk 25.2 is the latest version. It supports devices running higher than Android 5.0, including the recently released Android 13.

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