DeveloperThe Calyx Institute
OS familyUnix-like (Android)
Source modelOpen source with proprietary components[citation needed]
Update methodOver-the-air (OTA), ROM flashing
Package managerAPK-based
Platformsarm, arm64

CalyxOS is an operating system for smartphones based on Android with mostly free and open-source software. It is produced by the Calyx Institute as part of its mission to "defend online privacy, security and accessibility."[1]

CalyxOS preserves the Android security model, using Android's Verified Boot system of cryptographic signing of the operating system, and running with a locked boot loader.[citation needed]


The Calyx Institute annual reports[2] state CalyxOS was publicly launched during their 2018-2019 fiscal year. Inspiration included Tails and Qubes OS, and goals were said to be "completely open source", removing proprietary Google tracking, and including apps Tor, Signal and CalyxVPN for increased privacy.[3]

CalyxOS supports Pixel phones Pixel 3 and newer.[4] In April 2022, CalyxOS announced Android 12L for testing on Fairphone 4, and OnePlus 8T, 9, and 9Pro.[5] However, in May 2022, CalyxOS announced OnePlus builds were pulled because of a bootloader "relock issue".[6] As of July 2022, according to CalyxOS the OnePlus relock issue had not been resolved.[7]


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Feature(s) Notes
Aurora Store Alternative to the standard Google Play Store Aurora Store uses the same standard catalog of apps and installs apps directly from the Google servers to phone.[8][9] CalyxOS gives Aurora Store special privileges so that app updates can be automatically installed.
Chromium FOSS web browser Bromite fork, succeeded DuckDuckGo mobile browser as the default web browser in June 2022.[10]
F-Droid Repository of FOSS applications for the Android platform CalyxOS gives F-Droid special privileges to streamline app updates, installs, and uninstalls.[8][11]
MicroG FOSS implementation of proprietary Google Play Services Some apps dependent on Google Play Services may not work with MicroG, use of MicroG is optional.[8][12]
Seedvault Encrypted backup and restore application for Android The Calyx Institute sponsored development of SeedVault [13] and an annual report states they "debuted SeedVault" during their 2019-2020 fiscal year.[14]

SeedVault is also used by LineageOS.[15]

Signal Encrypted calling/messaging app Free, privacy-focused messaging and voice talk app, preinstalled as messaging app in CalyxOS.[8][16]


CalyxOS was added to AlternativeTo in June 2020.[17] CalyxOS F-Droid repositories are included in F-Droid's "Known Repositories" list.[18] Phones with CalyxOS preinstalled are being sold.[19] published a CalyxOS review and installation guide.[8]

In October 2020, Moritz Tremmel reviewed CalyxOS.[20] A month later, Tremmel explained why he preferred CalyxOS over LineageOS.[21] A year later in September 2021, Tremmel further explained how CalyxOS was different from other ROMs because it did not require as much "fiddling".[22] Rahul Nambiampurath, writing for MakeUseOf in March 2021, termed CalyxOS, "[one of the] best [Android] ROMs for privacy ... offers the perfect middle ground between convenience and privacy".[23] In August 2021, Android Authority wrote CalyxOS "puts privacy and security into the hands of everyday users."[24]


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