DeveloperHuawei Technologies
OS familyUnix,Linux
Working stateActive
Source modelOpen-source
Latest releaseV2.0SP5
PlatformsAArch64 (Kunpeng), x86-64
Kernel typeMonolithic (Linux)
UserlandGNU, POSIX
Official websiteEulerOS

EulerOS is a commercial Linux distribution developed by Huawei for enterprise applications.[1]

Huawei has released a community edition of EulerOS, OpenEuler, along with the source code on Gitee.[2]

KunLun Mission Critical Server

EulerOS 2.0, running on the Huawei KunLun Mission Critical Server, has been certified to conform to The Open Group's Unix 03 standard,[3] being the only Linux distribution certified for Unix 03.

EulerOS/KunLun allows replacing central processing unit board modules and memory modules without stopping the OS. Hot swapping of CPU and memory is provided by EulerOS.


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