CHAOS-1.6 Boot Welcome Screen
DeveloperMidnight Code / Ian Latter
OS familyLinux (Unix-like)
Working stateCurrent[1]
Source modelOpen source
Latest release1.6 / April 2005
Kernel typeMonolithic kernel
user interface
text (bash)
Official website

CHAOS is a small (6 MB) Linux distribution designed for creating ad hoc computer clusters.[2]


A six node CHAOS/OpenMosix cluster


CHAOS creates a basic node in an OpenMosix cluster and is typically not deployed on its own; cluster builders will use feature-rich Linux distributions (such as Quantian or ClusterKnoppix) as a "head node" in a cluster to provide their application software, while the CHAOS distribution runs on "drone nodes" to provide "dumb power" to the cluster.

While this deployment model suits the typical cluster builder, OpenMosix is a peer-based cluster, consisting of only one type of node. All OpenMosix nodes are inherently equal and each can be, simultaneously, parent and child.

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