OS familyAndroid (Linux)
Working stateCurrent
Source modelOpen source
Initial release31 December 2014; 7 years ago (2014-12-31)
Marketing targetPrivacy/Security-focused smartphones
Update methodOver-the-air (OTA) or locally
Package manager
Kernel typeMonolithic (Linux)
Official websitewww.divestos.org

DivestOS is a free operating system (OS) based on the Android mobile platform. It is a soft fork of LineageOS that aims to increase security and privacy, and support older devices. As much as possible it removes proprietary Android components and includes only free-software.

DivestOS builds are signed with release-keys so bootloaders may be re-locked on many devices. An automated CVE patcher is used to patch the kernels against many known vulnerabilities.

DivestOS includes few default applications. F-Droid is included with options for selecting several custom F-Droid repositories as well.[1][2]


The DivestOS project began in 2014, with the first properly signed builds being released in 2015.[3]

The project is the work of one primary developer with contributions from numerous other developers.[2]

Public release of DivestOS was announced on F-Droid forums in June 2020.[4]

Supported devices

DivestOS primarily supports devices that have been supported by LineageOS.[5]


In February 2022, Avoid the hack reviewed DivestOS' Mull browser and said it had several notable features including privacy hardening, and elimination of many proprietary blobs.[6] TechTracker.in said DivestOS is one of few custom ROMs focusing on security and privacy, with monthly and incremental updates.[7]

DivestOS was included in AlternativeTo in December 2021.[8] GNU/Linux.ch Linux and Freie Software News called DivestOS "relatively new and ambitious" and said it supports many devices, both newer and older.[9]

DevsJournal called DivestOS 18.1 one of the best custom ROMs for the One Plus One phone.[10]

DivestOS' Hypatia malware scanner for Android, and how to use their F-Droid repository, was reviewed by Gadget Hacks in March 2021.[11] In November 2021, the Kuketz Security blog said Hypatia was the only malware scanner without tracking libraries of several they reviewed, but said its functionality was limited.[12]

In December 2020 the Replicant project gave credit to DivestOS for finding a proprietary library existing in Replicant,[13] and DivestOS is listed as a project Replicant would be interested in collaborating with more.[14]

DivestOS' F-Droid repositories are listed in F-Droid's "Known Repositories" list.[15]

Privacy Guides (formerly called PrivacyTools) includes DivestOS in their list of recommended Android operating systems.[16]

DivestOS is included in LWN.net list of "embedded distributions".[17]

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