The Marine Corps Cyber Auxiliary (also called the Cyber Aux) is a volunteer organization designed to attract cybersecurity experts in aiding United States Marine Corps cyberspace readiness.[1]


The Cyber Auxiliary was announced in April 2019. Some details regarding the organization have yet to be announced as of December 2019.


The Cyber Auxiliary is managed by LtGen Matthew G. Glavy, the Marine Corps Deputy Commandant for Information.


The role of the Cyber Auxiliary is to "assist in simulated environments" with Marines; members are not authorized to carry out "hands-on cyber activities" (e.g. cyberwarfare or cybersecurity operations).[1] Members of the Cyber Auxiliary will only be civilians or veterans, not members of the Marine Corps. However, they will serve to strengthen the Marine Corps' posture in the era of information warfare.

This effort should not be confuses with the new paid employee program "Cyber Force".[2]


The requirements for the Cyber Auxiliary do not include military grooming, uniform, or physical fitness standards. However, Cyber Auxiliary applications must:[1]

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