Coat of arms of the Marquisate of Oristano
Coat of arms of the Marquisate of Oristano
Marquisate of Oristano
Marquisate of Oristano

The Marquisate of Oristano was a marquisate of Sardinia that lasted from 1410 until 1478


It was formed after the death of Marianus V of Arborea, the second son of Eleanor of Arborea, when the giudicato of Arborea (despite the recriminations of William III of Narbonne) was subjected permanently to the Crown of Aragon to the exception of a limited area around Oristano. The new feud, together with the county of Goceano, was assigned by King Martin I of Aragon to Leonardo Cubello, who descended in direct male line from Judge Hugh II of Arborea (1321-1336).

The Marquisate was constituted by the most fertile and strategic part of the ancient giudicato: the Campidano of Cabras, Simaxis and Milis, the curatoria of Bonorzuli, the county of Goceano (with its castle) and the walled town of Oristano.

In 1478, following the defeat of Leonardo Alagon, the title of Marquis of Oristano was hired by the King of Aragon (as a ruler of Sardinia) and the city of Oristano become a royal city.

Marquises of Oristano and Counts of Goceano

Title Name From To Spouse
1 Marquise and Count Leonardo I Cubello-de Serra Bas 1410 1427 Quirica Deyana
2 Marquise and Count Antonio I Cubello-de Serra Bas 1427 1455 Eleonora Folch de Cardona
3 Marquise and Count Salvatore I Cubello-de Serra Bas 1455 1470 Caterina Centelles de Oliva
4 Marquise and Count Leonardo II Alagon Cubello-de Serra Bas 1470 1478 Maria Linan de Morillo


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