Mary of Rome was a 1st century Christian woman mentioned in Paul the Apostle's Epistle to the Romans (16:6). She is said to have treated Paul with special kindness, and to have "laboured much among" the early Christian community.[1]

Although it has been conjectured that she is the same person as the Mary, mother of John Mark,[citation needed] this is generally considered to be unproven.[citation needed] Most traditions hold that there is nothing more known about her.[2]

There is also a suggestion from the Russian Orthodox tradition that Mary of Rome, is actually Mary Magdalene. Paul is not so formal as to use "of Magdalene".[3]

Louis de Montfort - writing in his book The Secret of the Rosary - suggests that this Mary can be interpreted with Mary, mother of Jesus, when he writes:

Therefore let all men, the learned and the ignorant, the just and the sinners, the great and the small praise and honor Jesus and Mary, night and day, by saying the Most Holy Rosary. "Salute Mary who hath labored much among you." (Romans 16:6.)

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