Mission Broadcasting, Inc.
Company typePrivate
Founded1996; 28 years ago (1996)[1]
FounderDavid S. Smith
Key people
Revenue$51.9 million[when?]
Number of employees

Mission Broadcasting, Inc. is a television station group that owns 29 full-power television stations in 26 markets in the United States. The group's chair is Nancie Smith, the widow of David S. Smith, who founded the company in 1996[3] and died in 2011. All but one of Mission's stations are located in markets where Nexstar Media Group also owns a station, and all of Mission's stations (including its lone stand-alone station) are managed by Nexstar through shared services and local marketing agreements—effectively creating duopolies between the top two stations in a market or in markets with too few stations or unique station owners to legally allow duopolies.[4] The company moved its headquarters from Westlake, Ohio, to Wichita Falls, Texas, in 2018. The company's stations are based in markets as large as New York City and as small as Grand Junction, Colorado.


In 1996, Mission Broadcasting was started with its first stations were WUPN in Greensboro and WUXP in Nashville. Both of these were owned by ABRY shareholders, and operated through an SSA by Sullivan Broadcasting, a company affiliated with ABRY Broadcast Partners, which was absorbed into Sinclair Broadcast Group in 1998.[5] In 2001, Sinclair bought these two stations outright.[6] Another related ABRY-affiliated company Bastet Broadcasting, was absorbed into Mission Broadcasting by 2002.[7]

On December 19, 2013, Mission Broadcasting announced it was acquiring KFQX, a Fox affiliate in Grand Junction, Colorado, for $4 million.[8] The sale was approved on February 27, 2017[9] and finalized on March 31.[10]

During 2020, Mission acquired several more television stations, starting that March with Fox affiliates KMSS-TV in Shreveport, Louisiana, KPEJ-TV in Odessa, Texas, and KLJB in Davenport, Iowa, from Marshall Broadcasting Group for $49 million.[11] The sale was completed on September 1, 2020.[12]

They were followed up on July 13 by Nexstar transferring its option to purchase WPIX in New York City, a CW affiliate from The E. W. Scripps Company to Mission Broadcasting. Mission exercised the option and announced it was acquiring WPIX for $75 million. Once the transaction closed on December 30, WPIX became Mission's first station in a market without an accompanied Nexstar station, as an outright acquisition of WPIX (which broadcasts on virtual and VHF digital channel 11, and is thus not eligible for a UHF discount) by Nexstar would have caused Nexstar to well exceed the 39 percent market reach cap.[13][14]

Then that August alone, Mission announced the acquisition of five more stations. On August 7, Mission announced the purchases of CW affiliate KWBQ in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and its satellites and its MyNetworkTV sister KASY-TV in Albuquerque from Tamer Media LLC.[15] This was followed up by acquisitions of dual ABC and CW+ affiliate WLAJ in Lansing, Michigan, and Fox affiliate WXXA-TV in Albany, New York, from Shield Media.[16] These sales were finalized and completed in November of that year.[17][18][19]

Then on August 31, it was announced that Nexstar executed an option to purchase dual Fox and CW affiliate WNAC-TV in Providence, Rhode Island, for $64,000. The option had been in place since 2003 when LIN TV owned sister station, then and now CBS affiliate WPRI-TV with Nexstar assigning the WNAC license to Mission.[20] The sale was completed on June 16, 2021.[21]

On May 17, 2023, Mission announced a deal to acquire MyNetworkTV affiliate WADL in Detroit (licensed to Mount Clemens) from founder Adell Broadcasting for $75 million.[22] Mission will once again contract with Nexstar to operate the station much like Mission's other stations,[23] effectively ending 34 years of local ownership. If approved and finalized, WADL would be the 30th station in Mission's portfolio and only its second station in Michigan alongside affiliate WLAJ[24] and only the second station without a companion Nexstar station alongside WPIX.

On March 21, 2024, the FCC ruled Mission's ownership of WPIX to be an illegal circumvention of its ownership limits, due to Nexstar treating the station like its own, and ordered Nexstar to either sell it to an independent third party or sell off some of its other stations to buy WPIX outright. The decision came as local marketing agreements and similar licensing deals came under increased scrutiny by the FCC. Nexstar stated its intent to dispute the ruling, claiming that they had always complied with FCC regulations.[25]

Television stations

Stations are arranged alphabetically by state and by city of license.

City of license / Market Station
  • Owned
  • since
Current affiliation Nexstar sister station(s)
Little Rock, Arkansas KLRT-TV 16 (30) 2013
KASN 38 (34) 2013 The CW
Grand Junction, Colorado KFQX 4 (15) 2017
Rockford, Illinois WTVO 17 (16) 2004 WQRF-TV
Evansville, Indiana WTVW 7 (22) 2011 The CW WEHT
Terre Haute, Indiana WAWV-TV 38 (18) 2003 ABC WTWO
Davenport, Iowa KLJB 18 (30) 2020 Fox
Monroe, LouisianaEl Dorado, Arkansas KTVE 10 (27) 2007
Shreveport, Louisiana KMSS-TV 33 (34) 2020 Fox
Lansing, Michigan WLAJ 53 (25) 2020
  • ABC
  • The CW
Joplin, MissouriPittsburg, Kansas KODE-TV 12 (23) 2002 ABC KSNF
SpringfieldBranson, Missouri KOLR 10 (10) 2003 CBS
HardinBillings, Montana KHMT 4 (22) 2004 Fox KSVI
AlbuquerqueSanta Fe, New Mexico KWBQ 19 (29) 2020 The CW KRQE
KASY-TV 50 (36) 2020 MyNetworkTV
Roswell, New Mexico KRWB-TV[a] 21 (21) 2020 The CW
Albany, New York WXXA-TV 23 (7) 2020 Fox WTEN
New York City, New York WPIX 11 (11) 2020 The CW None
UticaRome, New York WUTR 20 (30) 2004
  • ABC
  • MyNetworkTV
Erie, Pennsylvania WFXP 66 (26) 1998 Fox WJET-TV
Wilkes-BarreScranton, Pennsylvania WYOU 22 (13) 1998 CBS WBRE-TV
Providence, Rhode Island WNAC-TV 64 (12) 2021 Fox WPRI-TV
AbileneSweetwater, Texas KRBC-TV 9 (29) 2003 NBC KTAB-TV
Amarillo, Texas KCIT 14 (15) 1999 Fox KAMR-TV
Lubbock, Texas KAMC 28 (27) 2003 ABC KLBK-TV
OdessaMidland, Texas KPEJ-TV 24 (23) 2020 Fox KMID
San Angelo, Texas KSAN-TV 3 (16) 2003 NBC KLST
Wichita Falls, TexasLawton, Oklahoma KJTL 18 (15) 1999 Fox KFDX-TV
Burlington, VermontPlattsburgh, New York WVNY 22 (13) 2013 ABC WFFF-TV
  1. ^ Satellite of KWBQ.

Former stations

City of license / Market Station
  • Years
  • owned
Current status
GreensboroWinston-SalemHigh Point, North Carolina WUPN-TV 48 (28) 1996–2001 MyNetworkTV affiliate WMYV, owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group
Nashville, Tennessee WUXP-TV 30 (21) 1996–2001 MyNetworkTV affiliate owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group
Amarillo, Texas KCPN-LD 33 (33) 1999–2021 MyNetworkTV affiliate owned by Nexstar Media Group
HarlingenBrownsville, Texas KGBT-TV 4 (18) 2021 MyNetworkTV/Antenna TV affiliate owned by Nexstar Media Group
Wichita Falls, Texas KJBO-LD 35 (35) 1999–2021 MyNetworkTV affiliate owned by Nexstar Media Group

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