TypeDaily newspaper
Owner(s)Gurumayum Shantikumari Devi
PublisherGurumayum Shantikumari Devi
EditorA Robindro Sharma
Founded1 February 1975
LanguageMeitei language (official called Manipuri language)

Poknapham is the most-read Meitei language newspaper published in Bengali script, from Imphal, Manipur in India.[1] Poknapham means Birth Place in Meitei. It is owned and published by Gurumayum Shantikumari Devi from Keishampat Thiyam Leirak, Imphal and printed by her at Padma Printers, Imphal. A Robindro Sharma is the Editor.

Started in the year 1975 the daily is now published from Imphal, Manipur.

The online version of Poknapham was launched in June 2008 and is the first Meitei language newspaper to go online.

Poknapham, meaning "Birth Place" in Meitei, is recognized as the most widely read Meitei language newspaper published in the Bengali script. It serves as a vital medium of communication and expression for the Meitei-speaking population in Manipur. The newspaper has been instrumental in preserving the cultural heritage, language, and traditions of the Meitei community.

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