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TypeDaily newspaper
PublisherP. V. Chandran
Founded1923; 100 years ago (1923)
LanguageMalayalam, English (online)
HeadquartersKozhikode, Kerala, India
Circulation1,230,778 daily[1] (as of July – December 2019)
Free online
90th anniversary celebrations of Mathrubhumi, Kochi, 2014.
90th anniversary celebrations of Mathrubhumi, Kochi, 2014.

Mathrubhumi is a Malayalam newspaper that is published from Kerala, India. It was founded by K. P. Kesava Menon, an active volunteer in the Indian freedom struggle against the British. The word "Mathrubhumi" translates to 'mother land'. It is the second most widely read newspaper daily in Kerala.[2] It publishes a variety of magazines and supplements including the weekly literary magazine, Mathrubhumi Azhchappathippu.[3] SEED (Student Empowerment for Environmental Development) is Mathrubhumi's CSR initiative, a nature driven educational program started by Mathrubhumi. SEED aims at making environmental education a part of the school educational curriculum and make such activities a part of their daily life.[4]

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