Owner(s)Valalrema Vantawl
HeadquartersAizawl, India

Zalen is the largest Sunday newspaper in Mizoram, northeast India, published in the Mizo language. It is owned, edited, and published by Vanlalrema Vantawl.[1][2][3] Zalen means freedom in "Mizoram".[4] Zalen website news content is updated real time daily along with phone application.

Mizo of the Decade

Zalen had a function where they selected Mizo of the Decade, Mr R.Ramhmangaiha, founder of Hnam Chhantu.[5]

Edu Fest

Zalen in collaboration with lynchpin[6] India conducts an annual education fair in Aizawl, Mizoram called Edu Options[7].[8]

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