Coordinates: 34°09′24″N 57°41′39″E / 34.15667°N 57.69417°E / 34.15667; 57.69417

Polond Desert (Persian: کویر پلوند, romanizedKavir e Polond, also Romanized as Plond Desert), also known as the Mozaffari Desert (کویر مظفری Kavir e Mozaffari), is a desert located 40 kilometers West of Ferdows,[1] South Khorasan Province, Iran.

Polond Desert is located inside the Mozaffari Protected Area, near the village Chah-e Polond in Ferdows County.

Places to visit

Sandy hills and dunes adjacent to mountains form amazing landscapes. Among the unique natural attractions of the region, is a dune known as Cheetah's Tail (Persian: دم یوز, romanizedDom e Youz) because its shape is like a Cheetah's tail.[2] Also Ferdows Hole-in-the-Rock and Hole-in-the-Rock Cave are located near the Polond Desert.


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