The Kubuqi Desert (simplified Chinese: 库布齐沙漠; traditional Chinese: 庫布齊沙漠; pinyin: Kùbùqí Shāmò) is a desert within the Ordos Basin in northwestern China, under the administration of the Inner Mongolian prefecture of Ordos City. Located between the Hetao plains and the Loess Plateau, it is part of the Ordos Desert along with the neighboring Mu Us Desert to its south, and is the 7th largest desert in China[1][2] with an area of 18,600 km2 (7,200 sq mi).[3]


The area had gone through desertification due to centuries of overgrazing.[3]


Starting in 1988, the Elion Resources Group and the Government of Beijing worked to reverse desertification and restore the environment. By 2017, one third of the desert has had greenery restored.[3]


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