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The Praise the Dragon Flag (simplified Chinese: 颂龙旗; traditional Chinese: 頌龍旗; pinyin: Sòng Lóng Qí) was a semi-official national anthem of the Qing dynasty, as well as a military and an imperial anthem. It shares the same tune with Tune of Li Zhongtang, the semi-official anthem from 1896 to 1906.


In 1906, (the 32nd year of Guangxu), the Department of the Army of the Qing Dynasty was established, and wrote this song as its anthem. The Qing Dynasty also used this song as a semi-official imperial anthem (代國歌).[citation needed]


Simplified Chinese


Traditional Chinese


Hanyu Pinyin

yú sī wàn nián, yà dōng dà dì guó!
shān yuè zòng héng dú lì zhì, jiāng hé màn yán wén míng bō;
sì bǎi zhào mín shén míng zhòu, dì dà wù chǎn bó.
yáng wǒ huáng lóng dì guó huī, chàng wǒ dì guó gē!

English Translation

We located here for thousands years as a great empire in East Asia!
Mountains in our land, rivers in our land, spread the culture;
Four hundred million[a] people blessed by God, we have a big land and plenty of product.
Raise our Yellow Dragon Emblem Proud, sing our empire's song!


  1. ^ 兆 usually means one trillion (1012), but it could mean one million (106), and should have that value here in the song for factual accuracy. See Chinese numerals for details.


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