PRO TV logo since 2017
HeadquartersBucharest, Romania
Picture format
OwnerPRO TV SRL through Central European Media Enterprises (CME) owned by PPF Group
Sister channelsacasă
PRO Arena
PRO Cinema
acasă Gold
PRO TV Internațional
Launched1 December 1995; 28 years ago (1995-12-01)
ReplacedCanal 31 (1993–1995)

PRO TV (Romanian pronunciation: [pro teˈve], often stylized as PRO•TV as of 2017) is a Romanian free-to-air television network, launched on 1 December 1995 as the fourth private TV channel in the country (after TV SOTI, Antena 1, and the now-defunct, but online Tele7ABC). It is owned by CME (Central European Media Enterprises), which is owned by PPF Group.[1]

Since 3 September 1999, the company has also been broadcasting its own signal for the Republic of Moldova, under the PRO TV Chișinău brand. It broadcasts, in addition to PRO TV Bucharest programs (according to its own grid, different from the Romanian one), a series of local news and programs and its own advertising slots throughout the day.

Targeting urban adults aged 21 to 54, PRO TV uses a programming strategy of top international series and movies, as well as a wide variety of local productions including news programming, local entertainment and local fiction.

On 29 August 2014, PRO TV launched its own streaming service, called PRO TV Plus, dedicated to original series.[2] Later, in 2021, it was replaced by VOYO(Romanian), which has the same series and original shows of the PRO channels, plus some other exclusives and original content. PRO TV Plus still exists, although VOYO is now promoted much more. Also, unlike PRO TV Plus, which could be used for free, VOYO has monthly or annual subscriptions.

Since 2014, the idents for commercials and promos have become more different from those of other stations, focusing on the stars appearing in the station's shows. During the summer, idents are used that present activities that are practiced in the summer, while in the winter, idents are used that present things and activities related to the winter holidays, but also things related to winter.


The station's local productions include entertainment shows, news programs and TV series.

Program name English name Summary
Știrile PRO TV PRO TV News A news program, highly followed by Romanian audiences, with clear leadership numbers. In 2008, Știrile PRO TV won the International Emmy Awards.
Ce spun românii Family Feud The Romanian version of the Family Feud franchise. The show is presented by Cabral Ibacka.
Românii au talent Romania's Got Talent The Romanian version of the Got Talent franchise. The show is presented by Smiley and Pavel Bartoș.
Vocea României The Voice of Romania The Romanian version of The Voice franchise.
Las Fierbinți The Hotties A Romanian sitcom set in a rural place. The series follows the social and romantic lives of the inhabitants of the village. The series has reached its 20th season in 2022.
Batem palma Make a deal? The Romanian version of Deal or No Deal.
România, te iubesc! Romania, I Love You A current affairs program that features 6 reporters who show the beauty of the country and some special people who make Romania better. The reporters also make documentaries and investigations to reveal local illegalities, which the authorities fix under public pressure.
I like IT N/A A TV programme featuring technology and IT news, as well as computer games and robots. The programme's host are Iulia Ionescu and Marian Andrei.
Doctor de bine Doctor for good A programme dealing with health problems, nutrition, maintaining health and self-care strategies. The programme is presented by Mihaela Bilic.
Apropo TV N/A An entertainment programme presented by Andi Moisescu discussing social themes, popular culture and local/worldwide ads.
MasterChef România MasterChef Romania The Romanian version of the MasterChef franchise.
SuperStar România SuperStar Romania The Romanian version of the Idols franchise.
Imperiul Leilor Empire of the Lions The Romanian version of the Dragons' Den franchise.
Survivor România N/A The Romanian version of the most provocative reality show in the world, Survivor (franchise), hosted by Daniel Pavel.
Clanul The gang The Romanian adaptation of İçerde
Lecṭii de viață Life lessons An antalogic drama series that presents dramatic situations that happen in many people's life.
La Măruță At Măruță A day-time talk show presented by Cătălin Măruță.
Şef sub acoperire Undercover boss The Romanian version of Undercover Boss.
Love Island România Love Island Romania The Romanian version of the Love Island franchise, hosted by Romanian influencer Alina Ceusan.

Știrile PRO TV

Știrile PRO TV (English: PRO TV News) is one of the most popular news programs in Romania, with an average rating of 9.3 points and 25.1% market share, being watched by over a million urban[3][4] viewers. According to 2022 report of Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, 76% of the interviewed persons confirmed that PRO TV news are the most trusted ones. According to different research studies, PRO TV has at this moment a reach of 63% in terms of weekly use, 51% of the people watching the programs at least three times per week.[5]

Știrile PRO TV won the International Emmy Award News of 2008 in September 2008.

Andreea Esca is the longest-standing newscaster in Romania. She began her career over 25 years ago, and has spent 23 years with PRO TV.

PRO TV news programs are broadcast daily, multiple times per day.

Newscasters and celebrities

Former stars

Sub-channels and subsidiaries


In September 2008, Știrile PRO TV's social campaign “Any idea what your kid is doing right now?” (Romanian: Tu știi ce mai face copilul tău?) won the International Emmy Awards for “News”, being the first TV station in Eastern Europe to win this award.[6]

At the beginning of 2009, PRO TV won the NAB International Broadcasting Excellence Award for the social campaigns Știrile PRO TV had developed in the previous two years.


The bevels and glossy effects were taken away in 2015, and the PRO TV logo is now enclosed in a blue square box.

On 15 January 2016, PRO TV's logo became monochrome and the well-known red-green-blue stripes were removed.

On 28 August 2017, PRO TV changed its logo and graphics again including with other MediaPro neighboring channels, with the exception that Acasă TV changed its name to PRO 2, Acasă Gold to PRO GOLD and to PRO X. On that same day, Știrile PRO TV was rebranded with a new logo and look.

In April 2022, PRO 2 and PRO GOLD reverted to Acasă and Acasă Gold.

Sports competitions

PRO TV was the main television channel to broadcast the UEFA Champions League in Romania between 2000 and 2009. From 2009 to 2015, it broadcast Cupa României (Romanian Cup), at football, the matches with Romanian teams from UEFA Europa League, and the preliminaries of the UEFA Champions League.[7] From 2015, PRO TV took back the rights for UEFA Champions League and in 2016 it obtained the rights for UEFA Euro 2016. From 2021, PRO TV took back the rights for UEFA Europa League, and also for UEFA Europa Conference League and FA Cup.


PRO TV HD logo

On 1 December 2006, PRO TV started to broadcast the 7:00 p.m. newscast in high-definition, thus becoming the first terrestrial television network in Romania to air in HD, starting terrestrial transmission until 2015. The station could be received via DVB-T (digital terrestrial transmission) on Channel 30 in Bucharest.


Year of first usage Slogans Translated
1995-1999 Te uiţi şi câştigi You watch and win
1999-2001 Românii au PRO TV Romanians have PRO TV
2001-2012 Gândeşte liber! Think freely!
2012-2016 Trăieşte PRO TV Long live PRO TV
2016-2017 Ai ce trebuie You've got what it takes
2017-2018 Ştii ce vrei! Vrei PRO TV You know what you want! You want PRO TV
2018-2021, 2022-prezent Ăsta-i spectacolul, asta-i televiziunea This is the show, this is television
2021-2022 Ai ce vrei! Ai PRO TV You have what you want! You have PRO TV


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