Qin River
Native nameQin He (Chinese)
Physical characteristics
 • locationQinyuan county, Shanxi
 • location
Yellow River, in Wuzhi county, Henan
 • coordinates
34°58′30″N 113°31′8″E / 34.97500°N 113.51889°E / 34.97500; 113.51889Coordinates: 34°58′30″N 113°31′8″E / 34.97500°N 113.51889°E / 34.97500; 113.51889
Length485 km (301 mi)
Basin size13,500 km2 (5,200 sq mi)
Qin River

The Qin River (Chinese: 沁河) is a tributary of the Yellow River in southeast Shanxi, China. It rises in Qinyuan County, Shanxi, and joins the Yellow River in Wuzhi County, Henan. The river is 485 km (301 mi) long and has a catchment area of 13,500 km2 (5,200 sq mi).[1]

Its largest tributary is the Dan River (丹河), which flows through the Gaoping city center. The upper Dan River valley northwest of Gaoping is the site of the ancient battlefields of the infamous Battle of Changping.


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