Ziya River
Ziya He
Ziya River in Hai River basin
Ziya River is located in China
Ziya River
Native name子牙河
StateShanxi, Hebei, Tianjin
Physical characteristics
SourceWutai Mountains
MouthHai River and Bohai Sea
Length730 km (450 mi)
Basin size78,700 km2 (30,400 sq mi)
 • average1 m3/s (35 cu ft/s)
Ziya River
Literal meaningZiya River

The Ziya River is one of the five major tributaries of Hai River system[1] in northern China.[2] The total length of Ziya River is 730 km (450 mi) and the size of its drainage basin is 78,700 square kilometers (30,400 sq mi). The discharge rate of Ziya River is about 1 m3/s.

The Ziya River flows from Mount Wutai until it reaches the Hai River near Xian County. Notable tributaries of the Ziya include the Ming, the Hutuo, the Fuyang, and the Qingshui. It shares the same channel with the Hai near the Southern Canal. A new artificial channel was constructed to connect it to Bohai Sea near Tianjin under the name New Ziya River.


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