Lower Dawen River

Dawen River (Chinese: ; pinyin: Dàwèn Hé) or River Dawenhe is a river in Shandong Province, China. The main branch of the river originates from Yiyuan, flows through Xintai, Laiwu, and merges with Chaiwen River at Dawenkou (Chinese: ; pinyin: Dàwènkǒu, it literally translates into river mouth of Dawen). The merged river is also known as Mouwen River (Chinese: ; pinyin: Móuwèn Hé) which flows through Tai'an, Feicheng, empties into Dongping Lake which enters Yellow River.[1] The section of the river from Dongping onwards is also known as Daqing River (Chinese: ; pinyin: Dàqīng Hé).

In ancient times, this river was called the 'Wen', and it was the border between the State of Lu and the State of Qi.[2]

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