Rag pudding
Rag pudding, with chips and gravy
TypeSavoury pudding[1]
CourseMain course
Place of originEngland
Region or stateLancashire[1]
Serving temperatureHot
Main ingredientsMinced meat, onions, suet pastry[1]

Rag pudding is a savoury dish consisting of minced meat and onions wrapped in a suet pastry, which is then cooked in a cheesecloth.[1][2][3] Invented in Oldham, the dish is also popular in Bury and Rochdale, and is eaten across the Lancashire area.[4][1] Rag pudding pre-dates ceramic basins and plastic boiling bags in cookery, and so the cotton or muslin rag cloths common in Oldham were used in the dish's preparation during the 19th century.[2][3] Rag pudding is similar in composition and preparation to steak and kidney pudding,[2] and may be purchased from traditional local butcher's shops in Lancashire.[1]



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