Puding Diraja
Alternative namesPuding Raja, Pudéang Deghaje
Place of originMalaysia
Region or statePekan, Pahang
Created byMalay
Main ingredientsBanana, evaporated milk, jala mas, prunes, candied cherries and cashew nuts

Puding Diraja (Pahang Hilir: Pudéang Deghaje; Jawi: ڤوديڠ دراج) also known as Royal Pudding, this dessert was developed and served to the royal family of the Malaysian state of Pahang.

Its basic ingredients are pisang lemak manis (a local cultivar of banana), evaporated milk, prunes, candied cherries and cashew nuts. The pudding is garnished with jala mas and served with a cold sauce made from milk and cornflour. Nowadays it is popularly served during Ramadan as well as a special afternoon tea treat for the family on weekends.[1]

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