Red Hood/Arsenal
Cover of the first issue.
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
FormatOngoing series
Publication date2015-2016
No. of issues13
Main character(s)
Creative team
Created byScott Lobdell
Written byScott Lobdell

Red Hood/Arsenal is a 2015 comic book series published by DC Comics featuring the characters Red Hood (Jason Todd) and Arsenal (Roy Harper).[1] It was written by Scott Lobdell and illustrated by Dexter Soy and Denis Medri. The series was the second ongoing title for the character Jason Todd.[2]

Publication history

The series was a continuation of Lobdell's earlier series Red Hood and the Outlaws. Lobdell enjoyed working with artist Dexter Soy and he was brought on for the main series.[3] The new series Red Hood/Arsenal focuses on the two characters being "heroes for hire"[4] with new costumes.[5] The series heavily featured the character Joker's Daughter.[6] It partook in the "Robin War" storyline in 2016.[7] The series was concluded that same year to coincide with DC Rebirth.[8]


The series holds an average rating of 5.9 by 63 professional critics on review aggregation website Comic Book Roundup.[9][10][11]

Collected editions

Title Material collected Published date ISBN
Red Hood / Arsenal Vol. 1: Open for Business Red Hood / Arsenal #1-6 April 2016 978-1401261542
Red Hood / Arsenal Vol. 2: Dancing with the Devils Daughter Red Hood / Arsenal #7-13 October 2016 978-1401264895

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