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Road crews (roadies) working on the stage construction of a concert by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals at Telos Wireless Pavilion in 2013

The road crew (or roadies) are the support personnel who travel with a band on tour, usually in sleeper buses, and handle every part of the concert productions except actually performing the music with the musicians. This catch-all term covers many people: tour managers, production managers, stage managers, front of house and monitor engineers, lighting directors, lighting designers, lighting techs, guitar techs, bass techs, drum techs, keyboard techs, pyrotechnicians, security/bodyguards, truck drivers, merchandise crew, and caterers, among others.

Road crew appearances

The road crew are generally uncredited, though many bands take care to thank their crew in album sleeve liner notes. In some cases, roadies have stepped in to help out with playing onstage.

Bruce Berry was a working man
He used to load that Econoline van...

Other careers

A number of roadies have gone on to join bands and write music.

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