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"This is the fathom from Craiova of eight palms, Bujorianu". Inscription on the wooden church in Mănăilești-Moșteni, Vâlcea county.

The measures of the old Romanian system varied greatly not only between the three Romanian states (Wallachia, Moldavia, Transylvania), but sometimes also inside the same country. The origin of some of the measures are the Latin (such as iugăr unit), Slavic (such as vadră unit), Greek (such as dram unit) and Turkish (such as palmac unit) systems.

This system is no longer in wide use since the adoption of the metric system in 1864, however some rural communities still use a small subset of these units.



Note: the "quarts" in this table are imperial quarts, not US quarts. Similarly for gallons.

Unit Value in Moldavia Value in Wallachia Value in Transylvania
Oca 1.5 litres; 1.32 quarts 1.25 litres; 1.1 quarts
Litră 0.25 litres; 0.22 quarts 0.25 litres; 0.22 quarts 0.25 litres; 0.22 quarts
Baniță 21.5 litres; 18.3 quarts 33.96 litres; 29.9 quarts
Chiup 30–40 litres; 26–35 quarts
Câblă unknown
Merță 110–120 litres; 97–106 quarts 22.5 litres; 20 quarts
Ferdelă/Felderă 20 litres[1]
Obroc mare 66 litres; 58 quarts 55 litres; 48 quarts
Obroc mic 33 litres; 29 quarts 27.5 litres; 24 quarts
Giumătate 1200–1500 litres; 264-330 gallons
Vadră 15 litres; 13 quarts 12.88 litres; 11 quarts
Pintă 3.394 litres; 2.988 quarts
Tină 15 litres; 13 quarts
Sau 3.22–3.80 millilitres; 0.11–0.13 fluid ounces


Unit Metric value Imperial value
Dram 3.18 - 3.25 g 50.155 Gr
Font 0.5kg 17.64 Oz


Unit Metric value Imperial value
Feredelă 1.25 m2 11.61 ft2
Stânjen pătrat 3.59665 m2 38.714 ft2
Pogon 5,000 m2 46.45 ft2
Falce 14.3 m2 132.85 ft2
Prăjină 195 m2 1812 ft2
Iugăr 5.700 m2 52954.73 ft2

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