South American Beach Games
First event2009 in Montevideo, Uruguay
Occur everyfour years
Last event2023 in Santa Marta, Colombia
PurposeBeach multi-sport event
for South America

The South American Beach Games (Spanish: Juegos Suramericanos de Playa; Portuguese: Jogos Sul-Americanos de Praia) is a biennial multi-sport event in beach sports between athletes representing nations from South America. It is organised by ODESUR (the South American Sports Organization). The first event was held in 2009.


Year Games Host city Country Dates Nations Sports Medals Winner
2009 I Montevideo  Uruguay 3–13 December 15 10  Brazil
2011 II Manta  Ecuador 2–12 December 10 9  Brazil
2014 III Vargas  Venezuela 14–24 May 14 10  Venezuela
2019 IV Rosario  Argentina 14–23 March 14 13  Argentina
2023 V Santa Marta  Colombia 14–21 July 15 14  Colombia


As of the last edition (2023), a total of 14 sports are played:

Medals (2009—2023)

1 Brazil (BRA)523429115
2 Argentina (ARG)495454157
3 Venezuela (VEN)29392795
4 Peru (PER)26131453
5 Colombia (COL)22242066
6 Ecuador (ECU)18162155
7 Chile (CHI)15153060
8 Uruguay (URU)4111328
9 Paraguay (PAR)28515
10 Aruba (ARU)0213
11 Panama (PAN)0145
Totals (11 entries)217217218652

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