FIS Games
GenreMulti-sport event
Inaugurated2028 (2028)
FounderInternational Ski and Snowboard Federation
Next event2028
Organised byInternational Ski and Snowboard Federation

The FIS Games is an international multi-sport event organized and centered around the disciplines governed by the International Ski and Snowboard Federation. Held once every four years, the 16-day event will debut in 2028.


In October 2022 the International Ski and Snowboard Federation announced their plans for a multi-sport event of all FIS disciplines. Which would be included as part of the World Cup circuit for each discipline instead of being a championship event. Filling the one-year gap in every four-year cycle where Olympic games and World Championships are not held. The games were initially announced to debut in February 2024, aiming to promote the sports featured in the games through television.[1][2]

In May 2023 it was announced that the 2024 edition would not occur, pushing the debut of the games to 2028.[3] Though the 2028 games was confirmed to move forward with the beginning of its bidding process.[4][5]


The games will feature about 100 medal events in disciplines that the International Ski and Snowboard Federation governs. Including disciplines that are not contested in the Olympics.[6]



The games last for 16 days and is held every four years during the year which the Olympics, Paralympics, and World Championships that involve snow sports are not held.[6] The location of the games are flexible with the ability to be held in a variety of regions and across borders.[8]

Edition Year Location Start date End date
1 2028

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