Steak and eggs
Steak and eggs
CourseBreakfast brunch and dinner
Serving temperatureHot
Main ingredientsbeefsteak and eggs

Steak and eggs is a dish of beefsteak and fried eggs in American cuisine.[1] It is most typically served as a breakfast or brunch food.[2][3]


Various types of beefsteaks can be used, such as ribeye, strip, sirloin and flank,[1][2][4][5] among others. Additional ingredients may include bell pepper, garlic, onion, butter, salt, pepper, hot sauce, and other seasonings or condiments.[1][2] Accompaniments may include various sauces, such as steak sauce, Worcestershire sauce, chimichurri and others.[2][4]


Variations include steak and egg sandwiches, open sandwiches and steak and Eggs Benedict.[3][6] A version of steak and egg salad uses greens such as arugula, poached eggs and steak.[7]

In popular culture

Steak and eggs is the traditional NASA astronaut's breakfast, first served to Alan Shepard before his flight on May 5, 1961.[8]

The meal is also the customary pre-landing breakfast of the United States Marine Corps.[9][10]

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