Steak and oyster pie
Hix Oyster and Chop House, Smithfield, London (4336737493).jpg
Alternative namesBeef and oyster pie
TypeMeat pie
Place of originEngland
Main ingredientsBeef, oysters

Steak and oyster pie, also known as beef and oyster pie is a traditional Victorian[1] English dish.[2][3] It is also common in Australia and New Zealand. In Ireland, it has been prepared by the Ballymaloe House,[4] and as a classic dish of the Ballymaloe Cookery School.[5] In the United States, it's a regional dish of Norfolk, Virginia.[citation needed] There, neck, flank, round, or rump may be used. It is prepared in a Dutch oven, where it is slow-cooked until gelatinous.[6] In New Zealand, steak and oyster pie may be made with Bluff oysters. It may also be made with ale.[7][8] The dish is prepared by Rick Stein using Guinness beer.

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