Table tennis
at the Games of the XXIV Olympiad
VenueSeoul National University Gymnasium
Dates23 September to 1 October 1988
Competitors129 from 41 nations
1992 →

Table tennis was first included in the Olympic program at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, with four events contested.[1]

Participating nations

A total of 129 athletes (81 men and 48 women), representing 41 NOCs, competed in four events.[2]

Medal summary

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's singles
Yoo Nam-Kyu
 South Korea
Kim Ki-Taik
 South Korea
Erik Lindh
Men's doubles
 Chen Longcan
and Wei Qingguang (CHN)
 Ilija Lupulesku
and Zoran Primorac (YUG)
 Ahn Jae-Hyung
and Yoo Nam-Kyu (KOR)
Women's singles
Chen Jing
Li Huifen
Jiao Zhimin
Women's doubles
 Hyun Jung-Hwa
and Yang Young-Ja (KOR)
 Chen Jing
and Jiao Zhimin (CHN)
 Jasna Fazlić
and Gordana Perkučin (YUG)

Medal table

1 China2215
2 South Korea2114
3 Yugoslavia0112
4 Sweden0011
Totals (4 entries)44412


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