The following is a list of television stations in Slovenia. The channels are being broadcast in Slovenia and are sorted by regions of coverage and type of content the channels broadcast. The list does not contain internet-only television stations.

Analog television

Television in Slovenia was first introduced in 1958. The first TV station in Slovenia was JRT TV Ljubljana 1 (now RTV Slovenija - TV Slovenija 1) in 1958. In 1970 JRT TV Ljubljana 2 (now TV Slovenija 2) was launched and TV Slovenija 3 in 2008. Colour television broadcasts began in 1976.

The first private TV station Kanal A was launched in May 1991, just about a month before the country's independence from Yugoslavia. The second private channel POP TV was launched by the company PRO PLUS d.o.o. in December 1995. TV3 was also launched in 1995, and was originally owned by the Roman Catholic Church. It had a poor viewership until Ivan Ćaleta, a businessman from Croatia, purchased 75% ownership of the channel in 2003, and started to offer more popular programming. Kanal A became the sister channel of POP TV in 2001, when Pro Plus took over the channel. TV3 became the new player on the market, when Swedish company MTG bought it in 2006. On 29 February 2012, it ceased broadcasting due to uncompetitive environment and unresponsiveness of Slovenian authorities.

Slovenia used the analogue PAL standard until December 1, 2010 when analog broadcasting ceased and was replaced with DVB-T.

List of TV stations in Slovenia