Southwest Dagestan
Linguistic classificationNortheast Caucasian
  • Tsezic

The Tsezic languages (also called Didoic languages) form one of the seven main branches of Northeast Caucasian language family. It branches into Tsez–Hinukh and Bezhta–Hunzib–Khwarshi, according to research published in 2009.[1] They were formerly classified geographically into East Tsezic (Hinukh, and Bezhta) and West Tsezic (Tsez, Khwarshi, and Hunzib).[citation needed] The Avar language serves as the literary language for speakers of Tsezic languages.

Internal branching

Schulze (2009)[1] gives the following family tree for the Tsezic languages:

Figures retrieved from Ethnologue.[2]

Kassian and Testelets (2015) do not consider Tsez and Hinukh to form a distinct subgroup.[3]


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