хьугъул ĥuġul[needs IPA]
Native toNorth Caucasus
RegionAgulsky District, Dagestan
Native speakers
2000 (2021)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3

Chirag is a language in the Dargin dialect continuum spoken in Dagestan, Russia. It is often considered a divergent dialect of Dargwa.[2] Ethnologue lists it under the dialects of Dargwa but recognizes that it may be a separate language.[3]


Based on lexical similarity, Chirag is usually classified as a separate language from other varieties of Dargwa.[4] It has 67% lexical similarity with the North-Central group, 77.6% with the South group, and 69% with Kaitag; within the South group, it has 84% lexical similarity with Qunqi Amuq.[4]


Chirag has ergative–absolutive alignment in its case marking.[1]


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