Native name
Company typePrivate
Founded2012 (2012)
Number of locations
Area served
Key people
  • Huang Wei (CEO)

Beijing Unisound Information Technology Co., Ltd., often shortened to Unisound, is a Chinese technology company based in Beijing. It is a unicorn startup[1] specialising in speech recognition and artificial intelligence services applicable to a variety of industries.[2]


Since the company was founded in 2012 by Huang Wei it has raised over US$250 million.[3] In 2018 Unisound raised US$100 million from the China Electronics Health Fund.[4]


Unisound has been involved in academic research relating to voice recognition technologies and acoustic modelling powered by deep neural networks.[3][5]

In 2018, Unisound developed their product Swift which they described as the first AIoT chip due to its combination of AI and IoT technologies.[6] The development of Swift was accelerated due to strategic collaborations with Baidu and IngDan (硬蛋), a subsidiary of the Cogobuy Group.[7] Due to the chip's implementation of deep learning and AI, it is purported to process up to 50 times faster than other AI chips on the market.[7]

Their technology has been developed for industries such as TV manufacturing, air conditioner production, healthcare and automotive technology.[4]


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