WWF International Heavyweight Championship
PromotionCapitol Wrestling Corporation
World Wrestling Federation
New Japan Pro-Wrestling
Universal Wrestling Federation
Date established1959, 1982
Date retired1963, October 31, 1985

The WWF International Heavyweight Championship is a former championship recognized by Capitol Wrestling Corporation, the World Wrestling Federation, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, and the Universal Wrestling Federation.[1]

The title existed from 1959 through 1963 and again from 1982 through 1985.

Title history

No. Overall reign number
Reign Reign number for the specific champion
Days Number of days held
(NLT) Championship change took place "no later than" the date listed
No. Champion Championship change Reign statistics Notes Ref.
Date Event Location Reign Days
1 Antonino Rocca July 2, 1959 House show New York, New York 1 [Note 1] Defeated Buddy Rogers.
Deactivated October 3, 1963 Title vacated and later became inactive.
2 Tony Parisi June 15, 1982 House show Buffalo, New York 1 [Note 1]  
3 Gino Brito August 18, 1982 House show Buffalo, New York 1 [Note 2]  
4 Tatsumi Fujinami August 30, 1982 WWF on MSG Network New York, New York 1 216  
5 Riki Choshu April 3, 1983 Big Fight Series II 1983 Tokyo, Japan 1 123   [2]
6 Tatsumi Fujinami August 4, 1983 Summer Fight Series 1983 Tokyo, Japan 2 234 Fujinami won the match by countout but refused to accept the belt. Choshu couldn't get into Canada for the rematch in Calgary, Alberta on August 12, 1983, and was recognized as champion. [3]
7 Akira Maeda March 25, 1984 All American Wrestling New York, New York 1 [Note 3] Maeda defeated Pierre Lefebvre at Madison Square Garden to be recognized by WWF later he returned to UWF during April 11, 1984 to defend the title.
8 Tatsumi Fujinami July 5, 1984 (NLT) House show N/A 3 [Note 4]   [4]
Vacated July 19, 1985 N/A Sapporo, Japan When Fujinami gave up the title after a double disqualification against Super Strong Machine.
Deactivated October 31, 1985 The title was abandoned when New Japan and the WWF split.

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  1. ^ a b The length of the reign is too uncertain to calculate.
  2. ^ The exact date Gino Brito won the championship is uncertain which means that the championship reign lasted between 1 and 30 days.
  3. ^ The exact date Maeda lost the championship is uncertain, which means that his reign lasted between 1 day and 102 days.
  4. ^ The exact date Fujinami won the championship is uncertain, which means his reign lasted between 379 and 480 days.


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