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Map of dialects in Alsace-Lorraine. Welche is included within the Lorrain-speaking area (orange).

Welche is a little-spoken language of Alsace. A Lorrain dialect, it is closely related to French by the Oïl group. Its varieties include those of Bruche, Villé, Lièpvre, Kaysersberg and Orbey.

The name Welche is a French spelling of Welsh, a word from Germanic languages such as English, used originally to refer to Celtic speakers such as the Welsh, and later to Latin speakers after Latin was imposed on the Celts. The word Welsh has been adopted in Latin dialects (such as French) to refer exclusively to other Latin dialects (such as Welche). Welche, Welsh and English are all distantly related through the Indo-European group and language-mixing.


Being close to German-speaking areas, a lot of words have been borrowed from German.

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