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Welcome to the Accounting task force of the Business WikiProject!


The Accounting task force covers all aspects of accounting, both financial and non-financial and both numerical and non-numerical despite working on manual basis or computerized environment. A particular eye needs to be kept towards a balanced world-view of the subject, as accounting is very dependent upon national regulations and it is easy to write an article with a bias towards the system in one's own country.

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Improve the article Accounting

The article Accounting as currently written contains lots of original research that needs to be replaced with verifiable content. To achieve this, it will be necessary to identify books and journals that will provide useful reference material. It will also be necessary to establish a methodology for structuring the article that will enable its contents to be clearly understood by the reader.

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The article Accounting contains many links that are unstructured, and serve little purpose other than to add clutter to the article. These links need to be sorted, and replaced with relevant categories that will enhance the article's appearance.

Related categories, such as Category:Accounting and all its subcategories, need to be reviewed to ensure they are comprehensive and appropriately sorted. Please feel free to add categories that may have been omitted, or add comments about the categories listed below:

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Please help improve the following articles particularly if you are a native speaker of the English language and do not plan to make exceptionally "bold" edits. The focus of edits to the following articles is "tweaking" and not radical changes. Articles with average page ratings >= 4.0 and over 100 ratings in each of the four categories (Trustworthy, Objective, Complete and Well-written) by Wikipedia users can be considered to be "B" rated.

Improve articles and stubs

Related articles and stubs, such as those listed in Category:Accounting stubs need to be improved, because these are often basic terms needing clear definition. Please feel free to add articles that may have been omitted or your views about each of the articles listed below:

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