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Anfu ham in Anfu County, Jiangxi province, China
Anfu ham in Anfu County, Jiangxi province, China
Cooked anfu ham
Cooked anfu ham

Anfu ham (Chinese: 安福火腿; pinyin: Ānfú huǒtuǐ) is a type of dry-cured ham named after the town of Anfu in Jiangxi, China, where it originated.[1] The ham gets its flavor from being salted and smoked and can be eaten on its own or used to add flavor to dishes.[1] It is made in Anfu and other locations.[2]

Anfu ham originates from the Qin Dynasty. In 1915, Anfu ham was featured in the Panama–Pacific International Exposition.[3] Its skin is very thin but the meat is very thick. It is red with a yellowish tint.[2], a project of the Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China and the China Daily, described its shape as being "like willow leaves".[3] Anfu ham can remain edible for years.[2]

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