Arkangel: for animal liberation
EditorRonnie Lee
EditorVivien Smith
First issueWinter 1989
Final issue1999
Arkangel Magazine #29. The front cover features the image of a macaque with the word "crap" written on his head, taken during a daylight raid by the Animal Liberation League, inside a Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) research facility in Kent, England, 1984.

Arkangel was a British-based bi-annual animal liberation magazine, first published in the winter of 1989. The magazine, which was sold internationally, covered global aspects of underground and overground animal rights campaigning, and promoted a vegan lifestyle.[1] The magazine ceased publication in 1999.[2]

The magazine was the idea of Ronnie Lee, the founder of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF).[3] While in prison, he regularly received letters of support and details of unreported actions by ALF activists. Lee decided to publish these in the form of a magazine, with the first edition put together by Vivian Smith.[4] The magazine continued to be written largely by activists associated with the British ALF.[5]

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