Film poster
Directed byChris Delforce
Written byChris Delforce
Produced byChris Delforce, Farm Transparency Project
Narrated byJoaquin Phoenix
Rooney Mara
Sadie Sink
Kat Von D
Edited byChris Delforce
Music byAsher Pope
Release dates
  • 29 March 2018 (2018-03-29) (Melbourne, Australia)
Running time
120 minutes

Dominion is a 2018 Australian documentary film that criticizes the practices of animal husbandry. It was written, directed, and produced by animal rights activist Chris Delforce.[1] According to the New York Times, Dominion primarily "claims to expose the routine and inhumane practices of animal agriculture in Australia."[2] The film uses shock tactics to portray abuse as typical for multiple industries in Australia, especially agricultural livestock.[3][4]

The film features narration by the actors Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara and Sadie Sink, as well as the singer Sia.[5] It premiered in Melbourne on 29 March 2018.[6] The documentary was managed by the animal protection and animal rights organisation, Farm Transparency Project, previously known as Aussie Farms. The movie was filmed to be a feature-length documentary sequel to Lucent (2014), which mostly focused on the Australian pig farming industry.[7] The documentary was produced as part of two crowdfunding campaigns that raised US$19,796[8] and €57,710,[9] respectively, and it received funding from the Australian animal rights organisation Voiceless.[10]

Guerrilla-style marketing for the film

The Australian Meat Industry Council Chief Executive, Patrick Hutchinson, has said, "What the film shows is not representative of the practices of the wider industry."[7]

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