Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone
Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone.jpg
AuthorDeborah Madison
IllustratorCatherine Kirkwood, Laurie Smith (photographs)
CountryUnited States
Published1997 (Broadway Books)
Media typePrint (hardback)

Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone is a 1997 cook book by Deborah Madison. It contains 1,400 vegetarian recipes from soups to desserts.


In 2017 Washington Post Food Editor Joe Yonan listed it as one of three must-have classic vegetarian cookbooks.[1]

In a review of Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone, Gourmet magazine wrote "Before you even read a word, the clean type, elegant, well-organized layout, and helpful illustrations reassure you that you won't be pulling your hair out trying to follow a recipe. And then Madison's warm, knowledgeable prose pulls you in."[2]

Michael Ruhlman noted "For all these reasons, in the 17 years I've been writing about cooks and cooking, I have purchased a single cookbook, several years ago, for myself, a single book to inspire me and broaden my culinary imagination: "Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone," by Deborah Madison, .."[3] and The New Yorker "found Madison to be a charming and non-threatening psychopomp into the realm of what I imagined to be the half-dead, the eaters of what she frequently calls “plant food,” which, to me, sounded like “fish food.”" [4]

Publishers Weekly gave a starred review writing "Many have tried to create a reliable, encyclopedic vegetarian cookbook, but few have succeeded. Madison (The Greens Cookbook; The Savory Way) comes through with a weighty volume.." and called it an "incredibly complete and triumphant effort."[5]


The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone

In 2014 Madison brought out a revised version about which The Wall Street Journal wrote "Ms. Madison shows herself to be a formidable teacher not just of vegetarian cooking but of imaginative cooking generally."[8]

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